Hilton Praia Agreement Signed
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Hilton Praia Agreement Signed

Cape Verde is going from strength to strength as businesses, tourists and investors set their sights on this emerging hotspot. The development of the archipelago is further helped by new projects, such as the Hilton Praia hotel, set to be built in the capital of Cape Verde, and this week saw the government of Cape Verde sign the Establishment Convention with The Resort Group PLC. Victor Fidalgo spoke about the signing, explaining that it was a “complex and long process”, which began in 2013 with the acquisition of the site and licensing of the work by Praia Municipal Council.

Commenting on this new development, Victor Fidalgo continued: “The Resort Group is committed to bringing new international brands and new operators in order to diversify the Cape Verdean tourist offer and increase the income from it.” In turn, the Minister of Tourism and Transport, José Gonçalves, said that the new Hilton business hotel would make Praia City a “tourism, conference and business point”. Previously, despite being the capital of the country, it has historically had constraints due to the lack of conference spaces and beds.

“We were unable to conduct business due to lack of conditions, lack of conference space and a sufficient number of beds. I think that the presence of Hilton, with its name bringing added value, will make Praia part of the international route of capital cities” he said. Regarding the delay in this process, José Gonçalves said that the Government is looking for a way to shorten the “excessive bureaucracy” to “empower and facilitate” the way for more investments.

It was made clear that the €45 million project, which is expected to create around 150 direct jobs, will represent a “significant increase” in the country’s tourism capacity. In addition to believing that the business hotel will boost tourism in the capital, the minister confidently predicts it will translate into more wealth and employment, as well as offering a 5-star service that does not currently exist in the capital.

The project will be managed by the Hilton Worldwide hotel chain under a 20-year contract, offering 201 guestrooms and suites across 15 floors. Along with restaurants, bars, general and private pools, a spa, health club and leisure areas, there will be extensive meeting and event facilities. The hotel will be built near the city’s diplomatic quarters, governmental institutions, commercial, finance and residential areas, with Nelson Mandela International Airport (RAI) and the Port of Praia just six kilometres away.

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