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Partner Spotlight: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

There are few bigger names in hotels than Hilton Worldwide. The international company is one of the most recognised brands in the industry and, since being founded in 1919, has opened more than 550 hotels and resorts in around 80 countries.

Today, Hilton continues to be an innovative, respected and forward-thinking global leader of hospitality. The hotel chain is now growing faster than ever before and it continually strives to provide a preferred venue for both holidaymakers and business professionals. This level of success requires commitment from team members, partners and developers alike, and it is particularly inspiring to see Hilton’s ambitions to collaborate with experts in their own right. In fact, Hilton runs a comprehensive Development Programme to enable partnerships with trusted developers, helping them launch a Hilton Worldwide brand in a specific market.

The Resort Group is one of Hilton Worldwide’s trusted partners, and we are working closely together to build two impressive hotel resorts in Cape Verde. This is hot on the heels of the agreement we have with Meliá Hotels International to build and manage several five-star resorts, further strengthening our reputation as a respected and quality property developer.

Cape Verde for pleasure

We have already experienced phenomenal success on Sal, the main island of Cape Verde. Our two completed resorts, MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, have attracted over half a million tourists in just a few years. Our third resort Llana Beach Hotel, which is nearing completion, is expected to boost tourism even further.

We are now looking to replicate our success on the island of Boa Vista, working alongside the Cape Verde government to drive touristic volume. As well as approving plans for The Resort Group to develop new hotels and resorts, the government is investing in the island’s infrastructure such as new roads, improved power supplies and desalination plants.

Hilton Worldwide will play an integral part in these development plans. We have six five-star hotel and resorts planned for the island – all of which will be built on Santa Monica Beach – and Hilton Boa Vista will the second to open its doors to holidaymakers.

The Hilton Boa Vista development itself will be made up of 400 modern rooms and fantastic facilities including a range of restaurants, bars and shops. In addition, guests will have access to stunning swimming pools as well as a spa, gym and water sports centre.


Cape Verde for business

It is not just tourists visiting the island of Boa Vista that will benefit from the collaboration between The Resort Group and Hilton Worldwide. We also have plans to open a Hilton Hotel in the business district of Praia, Cape Verde’s capital and largest city.

The upscale business hotel will offer 201 guestrooms and suites across 15 floors along with extensive meeting and event facilities. It will be built near the city’s diplomatic quarters, governmental institutions, commercial, finance and residential areas. Nelson Mandela International Airport (RAI) and the Port of Praia, one of the principle ports of Cape Verde, will be located just six kilometres away.

Hilton Praia will fill a strong demand for a business hotel in the capital city of a country that is recognised as an important trading location for Africa, Europe and the Americas, and has developed a credible track record of political stability. In fact, according to the World Trade Organisation, long-term growth of real GDP has averaged 7.7% per year (1990-2013) and, in 2014, economic growth reached 2.7%. Services currently contribute about 60% to GDP, with maritime and air transport earmarked as priority sectors for development.

Shared vision and values

Thanks to the strong partnerships we have formed with both Meliá Hotels International and Hilton Worldwide, Cape Verde is earning a reputation as a place to visit for both leisure and corporate purposes. And it will be the shared vision and values of both Hilton Worldwide and The Resort Group that will make Hilton Boa Vista and Hilton Praia succeed.

We are both privileged and excited to be working with Hilton Worldwide. Our partnership is a clear sign of how far The Resort Group has progressed in recent years, and a strong indicator of what’s to come in the future. Developing two hotels with an iconic brand can only further establish our credentials as a leading provider of luxurious five-star facilities.

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