The Resort Group plc has three core strategic business elements, the Development of Commercial Property, specialising in luxurious holiday resorts, a Leisure and Hospitality Division responsible for managing our hotel operators and a portfolio of Vertically Integrated Businesses.

Luxury Hotel Development

Working alongside globally recognised brands, we design, develop and deliver luxurious resort developments.

We are the premier developer in Cape Verde with 2 award winning hotels and a 5-star project pipeline in excess of 6500 hotel rooms.

Leisure and Hospitality

We retain ownership of our hotel development projects, and our Leisure and Hospitality Division work closely alongside our strategic partners to manage our hotel operations.

This ensures a 5-star experience for holiday makers and commercially successful resorts.

Brands and Businesses

We have a diverse range of integrated businesses that add commercial value in their own right and supply chain efficiency within our development and hospitality divisions.

Our integrated businesses range from logistics, food and beverage and medical services.