Selling our Resorts Across the Globe

Key commercial agreements in place with all major tour operators

Tour Operator relationships are key to the success of our Resorts. Cape Verde is a rapidly emerging tourist destination and, as such, the work of our tour operator partners plays a huge part in fostering this growth. This includes everything from agreeing commercial terms and organising guaranteed occupancy rates, an area in which we have experienced particular success with unprecedented agreements, to the marketing and branding of our Resorts.

A close working relationship with operators also ensures a wide range of representation as well as specific demographic targeting to get our message to the right audiences and allowing us the chance to make operational enhancements.


rewe logo

  • German diversified retail and tourism co-operative group with €50 billion turnover.
  • Our Resorts marketed under their ITS tourism brand.

alpitour logo

  • Over 3 million customers, Alpitour World is the leading Italian travel group.

Viajes Abreu

  • Viagens Abreu is the world’s oldest travel agency, as well as the largest travel organisation in Portugal.

Solferias Logo

  • Sol Ferias is one of Portugal’s most successful tour operators, offering holidays throughout the world.