Our Resorts

An Integrated Approach

A portfolio of brands & businesses to create more secure and efficient leisure operations

The Resort Group takes an integrated approach towards the successful management of our Hotels and Resorts. This is achieved through a portfolio of vertically integrated businesses that add value and efficiency to our leisure operations.

This ranges from Food and Beverage Distribution to on-resort Security and Medical Services. These independent businesses contribute to the overall profitability of the Group, but also ensure a secured and efficient supply chain.

Vertically Integrated Businesses

  • A portfolio of independent businesses part or wholly owned by the Group.
  • Synergetic brands and services that contribute additional value in their own right.
  • Efficiency gains within the management of the Hotel and Development Supply Chain.
  • Improved infrastructural support in key services and locations.
  • Fully integrated strategic model to maximise Sales, Revenue and Group Enterprise Value.

Oliver FoodsFood Distribution Company specialising on wholesale supply to hotels and resorts

Hotel SA - foodserviceBeverage Distribution Company, offering premium labels and local suppliers

analita-boutique-logoFashion and Beauty retail brand situated on our resorts.

BlimeyDesign, Digital and Marketing Strategy Agency

Medical Services LogoOn resort health clinics for first response medical care

CV Transport Logo CV Logística
Logistics business providing transport links in Cape Verde
CV Alert LogoCV Alerta
Specialist Resort Security Business providing a 24 hour service