Financial Information

Find out more about why our business model provides a stable environment in which to develop consistent and profitable growth.

The Resort Group’s business model is able to generate income from three revenue streams:

  • Operation of hotels, including minimum guaranteed revenues and occupancy rates from tour operators
  • Sale of new build development properties via a network of sales agents and brokers
  • Commercial activities e.g. beach club, boutiques, food and drink sales and non-lodging activities.

The Resort Group has a strong and sustainable business model with consistent growth demonstrated during the last 3 years. The Group benefits from multiple revenue streams and growing Hospitality revenue as more of our Projects are completed. We also benefit from the commercial income and supply chain efficiencies delivered by our vertically integrated businesses. 

TRG offers its Resort properties on a freehold purchase basis to private investor clients. Purchasers take advantage of excellent capital growth potential, as well as an on-going rental return, once the Resort is operational. For more information, please visit