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Rob Jarrett Speech – Cape Verde Foundation Event

Boa Tarde, my name is Rob Jarrett and I am the Chairman of The Resort Group PLC who is responsible for building, so far, 5 Hotels in Cape Verde, amongst other companies that it owns. I have created a lot of job opportunities for the Cape Verdean community, so as an example, approximately 98% of people that I employ in Cape Verde are Cape Verdean. I am a businessman and entrepreneur but I am also a philanthropist and I am strong believer in helping those in need. That is the principle reason for The Resort Group establishing The Cape Verde Foundation.
Diary of a Medical Student in Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

The Diary of a Medical Student in Cape Verde: Part 1

The Resort Group PLC, working through The Cape Verde Foundation, is committed to developing and improving healthcare across the Islands. In addition to its donation drive for much-needed medical equipment for local hospitals and its own integrated Medical Services, The Resort Group has enjoyed welcoming trainee healthcare professionals to its Resorts – offering them a restful haven while they complete work experience placements at hospitals and clinics across the Islands. In June, Alexandra…
The Cape Verde Foundation | Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

The Cape Verde Foundation: Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde

The Resort Group PLC has long recognised the importance of looking out for the wellbeing of all members of the community, which is why it set up The Cape Verde Foundation. The Foundation aims to continually improve the quality of life of the people living on the Islands, with a particular focus on healthcare and education. One particular initiative that The Resort Group has been proud to support involves a current and ongoing drive…
Cape Verde
TUI Awards Top Quality Awards | MELIÁ Llana Beach Resort & Spa | TUI Senimsar Cabo Verde | The Resort Group PLC Resorts

MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde Win Guest Approval with TUI Top Quality Awards

The summer months arrived with a splash in June, as The Resort Group PLC discovered that two of its luxury Resorts have been awarded TUI’s Top Quality Award for the 2018/2019 season. MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde attracted the accolade thanks to guest survey results across the season. TUI launched this prestigious award in 2015, which is presented to the very best hotels in the TUI…
All Inclusive Holidays on the rise1

All-inclusive Holidays on the Incline

In times when we are hearing of fewer people going on holiday, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA’s) Travel Trends Report 2019 found the exact opposite. In comparison to the last seven years, there has been an increase in the number of people holidaying over the last year, with 60% of travellers going abroad, which is on par with 2011. In addition, forward bookings are up by…
Cape Verde
Annatalia Boutique & Salon | Vertically Integrated Businesses

Integrated Businesses: Annatalia Boutique & Salon

One of The Resort Group PLC’s primary commitments is to provide our guests with luxury in all its forms. This means providing facilities and services that guests can avail of during their stay at The Resort Group PLC’s hotels and that will elevate their experience. Annatalia Boutique & Salon are two of these facilities.   What is Annatalia Boutique? One of The Resort Group PLC’s integrated businesses, Annatalia Boutique, was opened in 2014. Today, it…
Promoting Cape Verde To New Audiences

Promoting Cape Verde To New Audiences

The Resort Group PLC was created in 2007 because it believed in Cape Verde’s potential – Founder & CEO Rob Jarret knew it was a tourist destination that deserved to be on the map. Cape Verde has everything you could want from paradise: beautiful beaches, heavenly weather, views so gorgeous it’s difficult to remember they’re real. Now, thanks to The Resort Group PLC, it has all the facilities you could hope for from your perfect, luxurious holiday destination. And…
Cape Verde
The Resort Group PLC Sponsors Protocols Signed for the First African Beach Games

Sponsoring Cape Verde’s First African Beach Games

Excitement is building as Cape Verde prepares to host the very first African Beach Games from 14th to 23rd June. Taking place on the Island of Sal, the games will see more than 1,000 athletes from 54 African countries compete in 11 different events: athletics, 3×3 basketball, beach handball, beach soccer, beach tennis, beach volleyball, coastal rowing, freestyle football, karate kata, kitesurfing and open-water swimming. Considered the largest international sporting event ever held in the…
Cape Verde
A Proven Model For Overseas Property Investment

A Proven Model for Overseas Property Investment

When you think of Cape Verde tourism, you think of The Resort Group PLC. Founded in 2007 by Rob Jarrett, The Resort Group PLC has rapidly grown into one of the foremost luxury Resort and hospitality brands in Cape Verde, catering to nearly 60% of the country’s tourists. Our success has been the country’s success and is a great model for overseas property investment. Here is our story.   Growing from strength to strength With our nuanced…
The Resort Group PLC Integrated Businesses | Oliver Foods

Integrated Businesses: Oliver Food Resorts

A vertically integrated business model is popular among multinational companies, thanks to its many benefits. As the market leader in holiday Resorts in Cape Verde, The Resort Group PLC has also adopted an integrated approach to maximise efficiency and profits. Meet Oliver Food Resorts, food supplier for The Resort Group PLC and part of our portfolio of companies.  The Resort Group PLC’s Portfolio of Integrated Businesses   What is Oliver…
How Airlift To Cape Verde Has Changed

Our Award Winning Legacy

When Rob Jarrett established The Resort Group PLC in 2007, he did so with the aim of making the most of Cape Verde’s natural beauty. He knew it was a tourist destination worth putting on the map. And, in 2009, he got the opportunity to do just that –The Resort Group PLC secured an agreement with MELIÃ Hotels International to manage their Resorts on Sal. It has been a decade since then and The Resort…
How airlift to Cape Verde Has Changed | The Resort Group PLC

How Airlift To Cape Verde Has Changed

Cape Verde’s skies have never looked more different. There was a time, years ago, when Cape Verde could only speak of two airports and two aeroplanes in its service. Now, each of its nine Islands has an airport, and the country is serviced by 112 direct flights by 12 airlines, with flights coming in from all over the world. The skies have changed, thanks to the increase in airlift to Cape…
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The Benefits of Vertically Integrated Businesses | The Resort Group PLC

Why Take An Integrated Approach?

Many businesses are now choosing to adopt a vertically integrated business model, due to its many benefits. The Resort Group PLC is no exception. But what is a vertically integrated business model and why do companies choose an integrated approach?   Defining Vertical Integration According to Investopedia, “vertical integration is a strategy where a firm acquires business operations within the same production vertical.” This means that companies essentially acquire businesses that are in the…
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Santiago Fort Real de S Filipe | Santiago – the Island of Many Delights | Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

Santiago – The Island of Many Delights

The beautiful island of Santiago has so many delights to offer that it’s hard to keep count. Not only is it the largest Island of Cape Verde and home to more than half of the country’s population, but it also has the most diverse topography of any of the Islands. Here, you can find majestic peaks and long sandy beaches, fertile valleys and brittle steppes – Santiago houses a world within its shores. Here is…
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White Sands Hotel & Spa | Construction Update March 2019 | The Resort Group PLC

White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction Update March

Blessed by vast stretches of untouched golden sand, surrounded by crystalline waters and boasting a relaxed and low-key atmosphere, it’s no wonder Boa Vista is rising in popularity amongst holidaymakers. The perfect destination for those looking to escape the demands of daily life and enjoy a rejuvenating holiday, the island boasts some of the archipelago’s most beautiful and rewarding beaches, with the sands stretching for 55km. Settled amongst those endless sands is The Resort Group…
Government Support for Tourism Investment in Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

Government Support for Tourism Investment in Cape Verde

Tourism to the lush Islands of Cape Verde is set to increase to unprecedented levels, thanks to government support. Already a favourite among holidaymakers and luxury travel agencies, the country welcomed over 765,000 tourists to its shores in 2018, which led to more than 4.9 million overnight stays, with a growth of 6.8% and 7.4%, respectively, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). Now the government aims to grow this number further, planning to attract one million…
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Supporting Sport in Cape Verde | GKA Kitsurfing Competition 2019 | The Resort Group PLC

Supporting Sport in Cape Verde: GKA Competition

The Global Kite-Sports Association (GKA) advocates that kiting as a sport can be done in all countries in harmony with nature. Although not founded as an organisation to run competitive world tours, GKA is an alliance of key kite-sport brands – so has naturally progressed to promote a range of competitive tours which ensure a healthy, ambitious and aspirational, professional competitive environment amongst its members. Returning to Cape Verde for a second year running…
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Committed to Cape Verde | Reuters Special | The Resort Group PLC

Reuters Global Thought Leaders Series – Committed to Cape Verde

Establishing a new holiday destination on an international scale isn’t a simple task. It takes vision, commitment and an unwavering determination for success. In a market flooded by flash in the pan developers and emerging “holiday hotspots” that fail to stand the test of time, it is a challenge to discover and create a lasting legacy that truly captures the imagination of holidaymakers worldwide. Speaking to international news organisation, Reuters, The Resort Group PLC explains…
TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde Resort & Spa wins esteemed TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award | The Resort Group PLC

TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde Resort & Spa Wins Esteemed TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

Going from strength to strength since its launch in December 2016, TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde is the epitome of relaxation and recuperation. The 5-star Resort, which is managed under TUI’s adults-only premium brand Sensimar, is TUI’s hotel concept for couples and adults travelling in twos without children, attaching importance to peaceful, stylish, comfortable hotels offering personal service and varied culinary experiences. The ultimate in 5-star indulgence, it comes as no surprise that this year sees the Resort win…
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White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction Update January 2019 | Beach Front Suites & Villas | The Resort Group PLC

White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction Update January

Year-round sunshine, means that Boa Vista – home to the latest development by The Resort Group PLC – is always in its prime, especially during the winter months. Settled upon on one of the Top Beaches in the World according to TripAdvisor, the Resort is making progress in construction. Comprising of 835 properties including a range of hotels suites and villas, the 5-star development will be ready to support the expected tourism hike following the…
New Visa rules to help Cape Verde tourism

New Visa Rules to Help Cape Verde Tourism

In a change that is set to make a positive impact on Cape Verde tourism, visa-exempt visitors travelling to the islands will now register online in advance for free entry into the country. Announced back in April 2017, the shift in policy intends to increase competitiveness in the tourism sector and double the number of tourists visiting the country, which is currently around 700,000 a year. Cape Verde’s visa-free entry policy for European citizens was…
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Christmas on Resort | The Resort Group PLC

Christmas & New Year at Our Resorts

Staying at one of our five Resorts this festive period and want to know what’s on? Making the most out of this special time of year, our hospitality teams have been working hard to put together a packed events programme, catering for every holidaymaker this merry season.   MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa Those lucky enough to be staying at the 5-star adults only MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa will be able…
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Whites Sands Hotel & Spa | Construction Update | Nov 2018 | The Resort Group PLC

White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction Update November

With world-renowned beaches and a cultural blend of African and Portuguese influences, Boa Vista is now on the map as an emerging destination for an unforgettable sunshine holiday. At only 620 km² the most eastern Island in Cape Verde boasts 55km of white sandy beaches and 350 days of sunshine each year and is the ultimate holiday destination. Embracing the opportunity that this sun-soaked Island offers, construction on The Resort Group PLC’s first of six planned…
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World Luxury Hotel Awards

World Luxury Hotel Awards Winners

The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a recognised global organisation that provides luxury hotels with the recognition for their world class facilities and service excellence provided to guests. Established in 2006, World Luxury Hotel Awards has been recognising prestigious hotel venues for over a decade and is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry. Offering international recognition as voted for by guests, travellers and industry players…
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Transforming Cape Verde – The Resort Group PLC

In The Press – The Resort Group PLC Transforming Cape Verde

Panorama – an independent publication distributed within The Times on Monday 5th November 2018, takes an in-depth look at Cape Verde and how The Resort Group PLC is transforming tourism within the ten-island archipelago. The tropical archipelago increasingly attracts Foreign Direct Investment in all areas of the economy, but particularly infrastructure development, tourism, and maritime operations. Increasing Tourism Cape Verde has plenty to offer people of all ages and budgets, with foreign direct investment…
Press Release
Boa Vista's Best Beaches | The Resort Group PLC

Boa Vista’s Best Beaches

At just 620km in size and home to over 55 km of white sandy beaches, it’s no surprise that Boa Vista has caught the attention of beach lovers worldwide. From the stunning Praia de Chaves and award-winning Santa Monica Beach to the smaller Praia de Sal Rei and the iconic Praia de Atalanta, many an hour can be spent relaxing on the endless sands and swimming in the turquoise waters. With an abundant choice of beach havens…
Cape Verde
Viveiro Gardens | Cape Verde Gardens & National Parks | The Resort Group PLC

Gardens and National Parks of Cape Verde

Cape Verde may be known for its beaches, deserts, and volcanic landscapes, but the archipelago is also home to flourishing, lush, and vibrantly-coloured vegetation. Here, we take a look at some of the places where you can immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the Islands.   Viveiro Botanical Garden & Zoo di Terra – Sal Chosen as one of TUI’s secret gardens around the world, Viveiro Garden and Zoo di Terra is a…
Cape Verde
Charles Darwin & The Cape Verde Islands | The Resort Group PLC

Charles Darwin and The Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde plays a defining role in Charles Darwin’s journey to becoming one of the world’s most note-worthy naturalists, biologists, and geologists — most well-known for his contribution to the science of evolution. During a 5-year voyage aboard the HMS Beagle under Captain Robert Fitzroy at the age of just 23, he was instructed to spend time exploring and investigating the land in order to make natural history collections.   An unplanned visit Cape Verde…
Cape Verde
The International Music Festival of Santa Maria 2018 | The Resort Group PLC

The International Music Festival of Santa Maria 2018

This month, the much-anticipated International Music Festival of Santa Maria came to the shores of Sal. This annual two-day event sees locals and tourists flock to Santa Maria Beach to celebrate local Cape Verdean and international music. The weekend brings together a spectacularly diverse audience of all generations, but their aims are the same—dancing, singing, and celebrating—all fuelled by delicious festival food and drinks. Once again, The Resort Group PLC was proud to sponsor this…
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Tenerife Cabo Verde Investment Partner Talk

A New Partnership With Invest Cabo Verde

Invest Cabo Verde Establish The Resort Group PLC’s Presence in Tenerife A founding principle that has been instrumental to The Resort Group PLC’s success as a World Class Developer since 2007, is The Group’s ability to forge strong relationships with strategic partners internationally to create, develop, market and operate our Resorts. Expanding our network further, this time with an established presence in Tenerife and Canaries, The Resort Group PLC are proud to announce a new partnership…
Road Infrastructure | Boa Vista | Cape Verde

New Government Road Network Supports White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction

August see’s even more great news for our latest Resort, White Sands Hotel & Spa, as the Cape Verdean Government begins work on the local road networks, improving access not only for the Island’s population and visiting tourists but also for our hard-working construction teams. Owned by Cape Verde Republic and represented by SDTIBM and Road Institute, the new infrastructure will complete one of Boa Vista’s key road networks, connecting Boa Vista Airport to the already established…
7% for 7 Years Offer | White Sands Hotel & Spa | The Resort Group PLC

Immediate Returns When You Invest in White Sands Hotel & Spa

As construction of the 5* luxury White Sands Hotel & Spa picks up the pace, The Resort Group PLC are offering an amazing investment opportunity. Located on the Island of Boa Vista, the development is taking shape to reveal the piece of paradise that will be on offer. Santa Monica Beach, named one of the world’s top 25 beaches, was chosen for this haven — on the largest but least populated Island of the…
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Fogo National Park

The Natural Wonders of Cape Verde

Interest in Cape Verde has risen significantly over the past decade. According to the latest report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Islands now welcome over half a million visitors a year, and in 2017 the travel and tourism industry directly contributed 17.8% of Cape Verde’s gross domestic profit (GDP). The natural wonders of the archipelago account largely for it becoming such a sought-after destination. What is particularly special about the Islands…
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World luxury Hotel awards

World Luxury Hotel Awards Voting Now Open

MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa joins MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort as nominees in this year’s World Luxury Hotel Awards As of Wednesday 1st August 2018, luxury hotels across the globe will once again compete for the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Awards, as voting opens to over 300,000 international travellers. Established in 2006, The World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry, offering international recognition as voted for by guests, travellers…
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Sal Rei | Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

Sal Rei – The Offerings of Boa Vista’s Capital

Lying on the northwest coast of Boa Vista, Sal Rei is home to over half of the Island’s 12,000 inhabitants. The fastest growing town in Cape Verde, it’s not the bustling capital city you might expect, with a relaxed and cosy atmosphere that is both appealing and addictive. Sal Rei is steeped in the history of Boa Vista, with its status of capital of the Island since the mid-1800s. Its name translates as ‘Salt King’…
Cape Verde
Construction Update | White Sands Hotel & Spa | July 2018

White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction Update July

White Sands Hotel & Spa will be The Resort Group PLC’s first development on the Island of Boa Vista, currently second to Sal in overall visitor numbers. The luxury 5-star Resort will consist of 835 property units comprising of a range of hotels suites and villas, serviced by only the highest quality facilities. Construction work continues along the shores of one of TripAdvisor’s Best Beaches in The World, Santa Monica Beach, as White Sands Hotel…
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CV Idependence Festival

The Resort Group PLC Sponsor Rhode Island Celebrations for Cape Verdean Independence Day

The Resort Group PLC were proud to sponsor the 43rd Cape Verdean Independence Day Festival held at India Point Park, 840 Indian Pointe, Providence, Rhode Island on 8th July 2018. The oldest celebration of the Cape Verdean community in the United States, the festival has been a tradition in Rhode Island since 1976 and aims to preserve and celebrate Cape Verdean culture and heritage. Going from noon to dusk, the day is full of traditional…
Tortuga Pool

MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort enters The World Luxury Hotel Awards 2018

A promising start: MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort The first all-inclusive Resort developed by The Resort Group PLC on the then largely undiscovered Islands of Cape Verde, MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort has gone from strength to strength in the last seven years of operation. Opened in May 2011, with an impressive launch event that was attended by performing artists, celebrities, notable figures and dignitaries, the Resort has proven a key asset in The Group’s investment portfolio. …
Literary Festival

Celebrating Cape Verde’s Literary Culture

As well as being world-renowned for its beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine, Cape Verde is also proving to be a cultural hotbed – particularly when it comes to the written word. Following the success of the first-ever literary festival to be held on Cape Verde in 2017, The Resort Group PLC sponsored the second World Literature Festival Sal in 2018. Held across Sal Island from 21st-24th June, the prestigious four-day literary festival hosted 40 writers…
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third anniversary

The Resort Group PLC Celebrates Prague Office’s Third Anniversary

Celebrating its third anniversary, The Resort Group PLC recognised the success of its Prague Central and Eastern Europe Office with a celebratory evening hosted at the Consulate of Cape Verde in the historic centre of Prague City, Šítkova 233/1. With over 70 attendees, guests were welcomed by Vladimir Trkal, Honorary Consul of Cape Verde, who explained the latest from Cape Verde and its significant investment success over the last 10 years. A speech by Mr. Pierre-Philippe Möller…
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Boa Vista Festivals & Culture

Boa Vista Breathes the Culture of Cape Verde

Culture is everywhere when you visit Cape Verde, no matter which Island you’re on. It’s colourful, it’s vibrant, and it’s well worth planning a trip to Boa Vista around some of the events that happen throughout the year. Carnival Carnival is celebrated on every Island of the archipelago — and Boa Vista is no exception. The most anticipated event of the year, Cape Verdeans take to the streets for three days before Ash Wednesday…
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World travel and tourism council

Cape Verde’s Economy is Flourishing in 2018 Thanks to Travel and Tourism

It is hard to imagine a time when Cape Verde was not known around the world as a tropical paradise. It now welcomes some half a million visitors per year to its shores – drawn by the promise of crystal-clear waters, unspoilt white-sand beaches and endless African sunshine. The Islands have flourished while developing their status as a tourist hotspot, and this has had a significant impact on the Cape Verdean economy. This is evident…
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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde and MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa awarded TripAdvisor accolade

Established in 2011 to recognize hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service across the world, the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is a designation that many look for when choosing their next holiday destination. The accolade is given to those businesses that consistently achieve excellent reviews over the past 12 months and isn’t won through an application process, but instead is a list chosen by the Review organization for their achievements earned over time. Those…
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Cave Diving

Diving in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a diving dreamland. Due to its geographical location, both the underwater terrain and the wealth of marine life create a utopia for divers. A world of underwater caves, canyons, rock formations, ledges, and sharp wall drop-offs make for a stunning aquatic landscape that offers endless adventures. Thanks to the cool currents drifting in from the Canary Islands and the warm waters from the Gulf of Guineas, this part of the Atlantic Ocean…
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Boa Vista Boat

What To Do When You Next Visit Boa Vista

Boa Vista may be small in size, but its offering is big. The perfect location for the outdoorsy holidaymaker and animal lovers alike, the list of things to do on the Island is endless. Beautiful beaches A glimpse of Boa Vista on Google Earth shows an Island surrounded by 55 kilometres of white sand beaches. From the stunning Praia de Chaves and Award Winning Santa Monica Beach to the smaller coves, many an…
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A Couple Looking on to a runway

2018’s Biggest Travel & Tourism Trends

News from the ABTA Travel Trends Report 2018 shows that more people are taking holidays now than at any time over the past 5 years. Times are changing when it comes to travelling and tourism — and they’re changing fast, with new and exciting trends appearing. Responsible Tourism The foremost travel trend for 2018 is responsible tourism. After mounting negative reports from unhappy locals and tourists expressing concern about overcrowding, the tourism industry as…
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The Resort Group PLC | Warsaw Opening Event

The Resort Group PLC Open Warsaw Office

The Resort Group PLC has seen great success in Europe over the last two years, paying special attention to markets that will recognise the property prospects on offer in Cape Verde. Due to the overwhelming demand in Central and Eastern Europe for The Group’s investment model, The Resort Group PLC opened its Central & Eastern Europe office in Warsaw, Poland on 1 March 2018. The Opening Ceremony was held at restaurant Casa Pablo – a fitting…
The Resort Life Issue 15

Resort Life: Issue 15

The fifteenth edition of Resort Life is now available to read online and includes all the latest news from The Resort Group PLC. Packed with The Group’s most recent updates, readers can catch up on what happened when Celebs Go Dating filmed in Cape Verde, and read about the latest awards received by The Resort Group PLC. Browse this edition to see how Cape Verde is establishing itself in the property…
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TUI Sensimar Entrance

TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde wins Travelife Award

Opened to guests in late 2016 TUI’s esteemed Sensimar brand finally arrived on Sal Island, Cape Verde when TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde opened its doors to eager guests in December. Now in its second year of operation, the Resort has been recognised by the international sustainability certification Travelife with its Gold Award for sustainability in tourism. The third Resort developed by The Resort Group PLC to be awarded the recognition, TUI Sensimar Cabo…
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Belgium Deputy Prime Minister Visits Melia Llana Beach Resort & Spa

Meliá Llana Beach Resort & Spa Welcomes Belgium Minister for Foreign Affairs

We were delighted to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister of Cape Verde and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belgium, Mr Didier Reynders, on a working visit to the Cape Verde islands earlier this month. Supported by the Mayor and Victor Fidalgo – Consultant to The Resort Group PLC – we welcomed Mr Reynder’s delegation ahead of a guided tour which took place on 4th April 2018. Mr Reynder’s party enjoyed the many luxurious…
Cape Verdy Boats

Protecting our guests, our employees…and all our futures

When you’re as active as we are in such a beautiful part of the world as the Cape Verde Islands, you take your responsibilities for its people and places very seriously. The Resort Group PLC certainly does. From Health and Hygiene to long term environmental sustainability programs, The Resort Group PLC is taking great measures to improve the welfare of the Islands, our employees and our guests in innovative and exciting ways. Our Sustainability…
Our Resorts
Tui Boaing Plane

Cape Verde Announced as Part of TUI’s 2019 Summer Programme

As the ABTA Travel Trends Report 2018 reveals that more people are taking holidays now than at any time over the past 5 years, TUI releases its 2019 Summer Programme. Having already been awarded the TUI Top Quality Winner 2018 Award for its MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and the TUI FAMILY Champion 2018 for MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, The Resort Group PLC is delighted that Cape Verde features in the new programme.
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Rob Jarrett Dedicates Another Decade to Cape Verde

Rob Jarrett Devotes Another Decade to Tourism in Cape Verde

A decade after founding The Resort Group PLC, CEO Rob Jarrett spoke in a recent magazine interview, Expresso das Ilhas, of his devotion to Cape Verde and his extensive plans for the next 10 years.   Not a pioneer, but a partner Rob Jarrett is the first to say that he wasn’t a pioneer in his move to invest in Cape Verde. The fact that other investors such as TUI  already had a presence…
Our Resorts
Investing in Cape Verde in 2018

Investing in Cape Verde in 2018

A beautiful location. An eye-catching investment The crystal-clear waters. The flawless beaches. The endless sunshine. It’s little wonder Cape Verde remains increasingly popular as a tourist destination. It’s also hardly surprising that with ever-growing numbers choosing to holiday in this still unspoilt paradise, opportunities for investors continue to look healthy. The Islands have seen steady growth for a number of years now. Despite the 2008 global economic recession, Cape Verde remained strong and the tourists…
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Santa Monica Beach Win's Trip Advisor Award | Boa Vista | White Sands Hotel & Spa

Santa Monica Beach Win’s Trip Advisor Award

The Trip Advisor 2018 Travellers Choice awards have revealed Cape Verde’s Santa Monica Beach to be one of the top 25 beaches in the world. The location where The Resort Group’s luxurious new White Sands Hotel & Spa will reside in 2019, Santa Monica Beach has earned hundreds of plaudits from Trip Advisor reviewers. White Sands Hotel & Spa is the first of six developments planned by The Resort Group PLC to open on…
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Celebs Go Dating | Bikini Beach Club | The Resort Group PLC

Finale of Celebs Go Dating Comes to an Epic Conclusion in Cape Verde

Just last month, we welcomed the Celebs Go Dating cast and crew to the Sal Island shores to film what would be an action-packed finale for the programme. The seven stars had their last chance to take a date with their would-be partners while they spent their time soaking up the sun on the Island before a party at the glamourous Bikini Beach Club. Ollie Locke, Sam Thompson, Gemma Collins, Mike Thalassitis, …
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White Sands CGI

The Properties at White Sands Hotel & Spa

The Island of Boa Vista is set to welcome a luxury 5-star Resort to its shores as White Sands Hotel & Spa comes closer to the grand opening. Due to complete construction in 2019, the hotel, which will be managed by Meliá Hotels International, is set to revolutionise the Island – which is the largest of the archipelago and yet the least populated. There will be a variety of properties available to investors and guests,…
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Global Kitesports Association Logo

The Global Kite-Sports Association World Tour 2018

The Resort Group PLC is sponsoring the Global Kite-Sports Association World Tour 2018, by providing accommodation to 30 athletes and riders at our 5-star Resorts. The tour attracts the world’s biggest kitesurfing talents so it’s an honour for it to be held on the archipelago for the first time. It takes place between 17th February and 25th February on Ponta Preta Beach and Kite Beach with many homegrown riders getting the chance to compete in known…
Cape Verde
Celebs Go Dating | Group Picture

Celebs Go Dating filming in Cape Verde

With its romantic sunsets and beautiful beach walks, Cape Verde is ideal for a loved-up vacation so it’s no surprise that we recently welcomed the hopefuls from Celebs Go Dating to the shores of Sal Island. Seven celebrities, including MIC’s Ollie Locke and Sam Thompson, Gemma Collins from The Only Way is Essex, ‘Muggy’ Mike Thalassitis, singer Tallia Storm, presenter and comedian London Hughes and Olympian Jade Jones, arrived…
Cape Verde
Carnival Queen | Events

Festivals in Cape Verde

It’s nearly time for the start of festival season in Cape Verde and a welcome array of bright colours, incredible talent and traditional music. It is an important part of Island life and culture and, as such, we wanted to take a look at some of the best events from across the archipelago. Sal Island The Fetsa Nossa Senhora De Piedade, which translates as the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, takes place on Sal…
Cape Verde
Africa & Middle East Awards 2018

MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa wins at Luxury Travel Guide Awards

Starting 2018 as we mean to go on, The Resort Group has recently been awarded at the prestigious Luxury Travel Guide Awards. The MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa picked up Luxury Beach Front Hotel – Cape Verde and a Special Double Winners Badge. This is a rare recognition, granted to only a few winners who collect an award over two years. Following our success at the 2016 ceremony, we are honoured to win this special…
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Bikini Beach Wedding Venue | The Resort Group

Weddings in Cape Verde

Getting married abroad is on the rise, with an estimated one in four British couples taking to the skies to celebrate their ceremony on foreign shores. Amongst their favourite destinations is the inimitable Cape Verde, a collection of ten unique Islands, just off the west coast of Africa and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does the archipelago offer a stress-free experience, as per their enviable way of life, we are able…
Cape Verde
Pura Vida Bar at Melia Llana

Nightlife on Sal Island

As more people than ever are flying to Cape Verde to take advantage of its famous Winter sun, we take a look at all the incredible things you can do once the sun sets on Sal Island. There is a variety of nightlife available to holidaymakers and Cape Verdeans are famous for their welcoming hospitality. Without further ado, we present our six favourite after-dark spots in and around our Resorts and the best nightlife on…
Melia Llana The Level Room Ocean View Balcony

Cape Verde named as the most searched holiday on Google

Cape Verde has become increasingly popular since we first arrived on Sal Island 10 years ago. The crystal-clear waters and flawless beaches have welcomed more and more tourists over the years and still retains its undeniable charm. It seems quite obvious, then, that the archipelago, which lies just off the coast of West Africa, should top the list for Google searches. Specifically, Cape Verde has come number one on the search engine for ‘most searched…
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White Sands in construction December

White Sands Hotel & Spa December Update

Situated on the beautiful Boa Vista Island on Cape Verde, the White Sands Hotel & Spa is set to be one of the biggest attractions on the Island when the doors open. Construction continues and the latest video shows some exciting updates. In a sign of great progress, blocks 1, 6 and 7 are the most progressed so visitors can see how the Resort will look. They can also take in…
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TRG Prestigious Awards logo

10 years – A Decade of Accolades

From the moment our first project launched, we have enjoyed unprecedented success in the industry. Each Resort is held in high esteem by experts in the field and it is not hard to see why. From the praise we have received for our luxuriant Resort surroundings and service that goes above and beyond to the reviews that have resulted in high rankings and accolades from TripAdvisor, it has been a decade of success when it…
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TUI Logo

TUI Group issues awards for 2018

It has been announced that MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa has just received the TUI Top Quality Winner 2018 Award. Launched in 2015, the TUI Top Quality is an award reserved for the very best TUI hotels – the absolute favourites as declared by guests. The conditions of winning include at least 30 assessments from the TUI guest survey within twelve months, scoring at least 8.7 out of 10 possible points in the TUI…
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Award Winners on Stage

The latest from our European offices

The Resort Group has had great success in Europe for well over a year now, paying special attention to markets that will recognise the property prospects on offer in Cape Verde. With that in mind, several events have been arranged recently across different countries. It has certainly been a busy couple of weeks for our European partners as they focus their efforts on reinforcing The Resort Group’s presence on the continent. Just last…
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Smartchange Presentation

A new partnership with Smartchange

It is a time of great expansion for the Group and as such, we have held many events over the past year. These serve to bring The Resort Group brand to a bigger audience and educate people about our investment opportunities. The most recent seminar was held in Gibraltar on Monday 27th November with our new exclusive agent for the region – Smartchange. The introductory seminar, which was held at the World Trade…
Brands & Businesses
Resort Life 10 Years Cover

Resort Life: Issue 14 and the 10-year special edition

Issue 14 of the much-anticipated Resort Life is now available to read. This issue even comes with a special edition of the magazine attached as we celebrate 10 years of The Resort Group PLC in 2017. Expect all the latest news, from our recent success at awards and our expansion into Europe to our White Sands updates and fundraising with The Cape Verde Foundation. Browse our special edition for all the 10-year highlights, taking…
Elizabeth II 70th Wedding Anniversary logo

Happy Platinum Wedding Anniversary to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh

It is with great honour that we were invited to be involved with a commemorative book in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th Wedding Anniversary. It follows many seminal achievements for the Group, including our feature in the exclusive The Queen at 90 publication, the Cape Verde medal awarded to Rob Jarrett for his work in developing the Islands and celebrating our own 10-year anniversary in 2017.
Bowl of Cachupa

Cabo Verde Cachupa

The Resort Group PLC is celebrating ten years of trading this year and we have had plenty to celebrate. As a nod to the country who has welcomed us and in honour of our ten-year tenure in Cape Verde, we present the delicious national dish. Cabo Verde Cachupa is a popular recipe that exists around the world in different guises, depending on where you visit, but it always tastes as good. Try making it yourself…
Cape Verde
Miguel Rosa

Staff Spotlight: Miguel Rosa

Excellent cuisine is such an important part of a truly 5-star experience. As such, we work with chefs who have incredible knowledge of their craft and are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure guests eat food that surpasses their expectations. One such valued team member is Executive Chef, Miguel Rosa, who is passionate about the job at hand and an expert when it comes to the 5-star food world. What is your name…
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Esther Montoro

Staff Spotlight: Esther Montoro

Marking 10 years since The Resort Group was established, we have been speaking to members of the team to find out more about our operational Resorts and the part they play in making them as popular as they are. This week it is the turn of Hotel Manager, Esther Montoro, as she gives a sneak peek behind the scenes at our exclusive adults-only Resorts. 1. What is your name and job title? Esther Montoro, I…
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school children

Our Positive Impact on the Local Community

This year marks our ten-year anniversary and it has been a decade of incredible growth and progress for both the Group and Cape Verde. It is a partnership between country and company that has seen a great deal of achievements, and whether that be economic, environmental and social, we have been proud to be a part of each and every one. Cape Verde is blessed with an outstanding natural beauty and we are all aware…
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David Dumble Portrait Photo

Staff Spotlight: David Dumble

It is time to look at another member of the The Resort Group team as we turn the spotlight on David Dumble. Our International Sales Director has been with the Group since the very beginning and has expert knowledge when it comes to our investment opportunities in the wider market.  What did you do before you worked with The Resort Group? For many years I was involved in the Financial Services sector with the last years…
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The Resort Group

10 Years of The Resort Group: Favourite Memories

With 10 years of Resort success and experience under our belts, The Resort Group is proud to be celebrating their first decade with a series of blogs highlighting this milestone. We have looked back at 10 years of a changing Cape Verde and spoken to members of staff about their experience but now we cast the net further afield. We have tracked down team members from the early days of the Group to…
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Three people posing for a photo

Introducing the Rob Jarrett Scholarship

Earlier this year, The Cape Verde Foundation supported the build of the new University in the country’s capital Praia as part of the bid to improve educational facilities on the Islands. Officially inaugurated on the 26th May 2017, it was an auspicious occasion that marked a modern, forward-thinking approach to learning. Amongst other pursuits, the new school is intended to help the next generation of manager and business people prepare for their contribution to…
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Boats in Water

Ten of the top things to do in Cape Verde according to TripAdvisor

Cape Verde is more than just a tropical paradise in Africa, it is a tropical paradise full of beautiful beaches, unique nature, magnificent views and delicious cuisine. To celebrate 10 wonderful years on these stunning Islands, let us show you what we’re talking about – here are 10 of the top things to do in Cape Verde according to some of the best reviews from TripAdvisor.   Pedra Lume Salt Crater Inside the…
Cape Verde
Construction Site of resort

White Sands Hotel & Spa October Update

Work has carried on with enthusiasm over on the shores of Santa Monica as more of the incredible White Sands Hotel & Spa takes shape. Construction began back in December 2015, and as MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde completed and opened to guests, attention turned to our first Resort venture on Boa Vista Island. White Sands Hotel & Spa is situated on the…
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Staff Spotlight: Kais Mbarek

Staff Spotlight: Kais Mbarek

The Resort Group PLC is celebrating 10 years in 2017 and as part of the celebrations, we have been talking to team members from across the Group and our partners. This week, we hear from Kais, the long-serving and talented General Manager who has been impressing guests from day one. 1. What is your name and job title? Kais Mbarek, General Manager of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and Sol Dunas Resort with a…
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Mr. Cuevas with award throphies

Staff Spotlight: José Luis Garcia Cuevas

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we have been speaking to members of the team, both here and in Cape Verde, to discover their perspective of the Islands where The Resort Group has made its home. This week, we turned to a senior and valued member of the MELIÃ management team to find out more about guest experience at the Resorts.   1.What is your name and job title? My name is José Luis Garcia Cuevas…
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cape verdes leading hotel 2017 winner shield

MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort wins World Travel Award

MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort has received the World Travel Award for Cape Verde’s Leading Hotel for another year. Our original Sal Island Resort has won the award on no less than four previous occasions, in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, as well as a nomination in the category last year. It is an award that symbolises our distinction as a luxury 5-star destination. Our win was announced at a glittering gala event, held…
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Cape Verde The Island

How Cape Verde has changed over the last 10 years

The Resort Group PLC was founded in 2007 and although it would still be four years until Rob Jarrett’s dream of opening a Resort on the stunning Island of Sal would be realised, Cape Verde was already an exciting prospect. Having originally worked in the banking and financial sector, it wouldn’t be long until Rob Jarrett translated his success into the overseas property market. It was a tip from a colleague that led…
Cape Verde
Jess Love High Res Image

Staff Spotlight: Jessica Love

As Sales Support Director, Jessica Love works tirelessly to ensure that investment is easy and smooth, whether you’re a seasoned or first-time purchaser. We spoke to her about her time at The Resort Group and got her insight into the sales process.   How long have you worked for The Resort Group? I have worked for The Resort Group since very early 2008, so it’s nearly ten years now.   What did you do before…
The Cabo Verde Tourism Awards

The Cabo Verde Tourism Awards 2017

The Cabo Verde Tourism Awards 2017 took place on the 30th September, an event that honoured the best tourism achievements in the last year through a series of Excellence Awards. There was a variety of categories, designed to promote the achievements of the diverse tourism offering on the Island of Sal, and specifically in the Santa Maria area: Excellence: Hotel Excellence: Aparthotel Excellence: Resort Excellence: Rural Accommodation Excellence: Restoration Excellence: Travel Agencies Excellence: International Airlines…
Plane Landing

Why Cape Verde is the perfect Winter Sun destination

Are you waiting to book your winter sun break? Hesitate no longer – there’s a reason why Cape Verde tops the charts when it comes to escaping the cold. 1. Year-round sun Rarely descending below 24C, the Cape Verdean sun is a reliable entity when you’re deciding on your winter holiday. Often settling somewhere amongst 25C and 30C in the high-season months between September and January, it is truly a heat seekers…
Cape Verde
A london skyline

The Resort Group Financial Results 2016

The Resort Group PLC has reported transformational results for the year ended December 31st 2016 in its Hospitality division, with revenue rising by 69% to deliver divisional EBITDA of €8.6 million, up 211% on 2015. Overall, group revenue for 2016 was €136m and adjusted EBITDA, €32.8m. Development revenue from property sales is in line with expectations at €78.8m. Market valuations show a surplus to cost of €45 million for operating resorts at the year-end,…
Woman posing for a photo by the pool

Miss Turismo returns to Sal Island

The exciting Miss Turismo came to Sal Island again this weekend as participants from each Island competed for the title. Hosted by VIP Eventos, the much-anticipated contest took place on Friday 15th September, on the Island of Sal at the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. The Resort Group was honoured to act as the main sponsor of the contest, which aims to make a splash in the world of tourism in support…
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Radio 4 Logo

BBC apology to The Resort Group PLC related to the Panorama programme

The edition of BBC’s Panorama Programme, which aired 11th July 2016, made numerous false and unfounded allegations regarding The Resort Group PLC. These allegations were inaccurate and contained misleading information that resulted in an unbalanced and unfair portrayal of The Group. In addition, the presenter of Panorama, also made highly defamatory statements on the BBC Radio 4 Show, “You and Yours”, which previewed the Panorama programme on the 11th July 2016. The BBC…
Week 35 of construction

White Sands Hotel & Spa Update September

There will be a wide range of properties available at the White Sands Hotel & Spa and an incredible array of 5-star facilities so it is exciting to see how far construction has come on the shores of Santa Monica beach. The beautiful Boa Vista, which will play home to White Sands Hotel & Spa when it opens, boasts surrounding turquoise waters and pure white beaches, from which the development takes its name. The…
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Harbor full of boats

Hospitality at The Resort Group

The Resort Group PLC is known amongst investors for its long-term plans, excellent track record and dedication to the ongoing success of a development. With the latter in mind, the Group has made great strides in expanding the hospitality side of the business – working hard to create a well-rounded experience for guests. The start of our wide-ranging integrated businesses began as soon as the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort opened its doors.
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The pool and resort at night

Our Award-Winning Resorts

From the very first development by The Resort Group in Cape Verde, the awards have been forthcoming – praising everything from the guest experience to the luxurious facilities on which we pride ourselves. Alongside our other 5-star Resorts, in the three years since MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa opened, the awards have not stopped. Continuing to highlight the superior service on offer, as well as our success in other areas, such as Resort location…
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In the Press

With interest growing every day in the tropical paradise of Cape Verde, the Group’s popular Resort destinations have had plenty of press coverage recently. From visiting travel writers to an interview with our CEO and Founder, there has been a great deal of activity as journalists prepare for the winter sun season. Following the success of Britain’s Next Top Model final three episodes, all eyes turned to Sal as the next big thing in holiday…
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Resort Life Issue 13

Resort Life: Issue 13

It’s time to get your latest fill of all The Resort Group news as we release Issue 13 of Resort Life. The Summer edition features our CEO and Founder, Mr Rob Jarrett, receiving one of Cape Verde’s highest honours, up to date images from the construction site at White Sands Hotel & Spa, and the very best overseas property investment opportunities from Boa Vista – as well as much more from around the Group.
A man taking a photo

The history of tourism in Cape Verde

Tourism has played a huge part in the achievements of The Resort Group PLC in the ten years since it started operations on the Islands of Cape Verde. Every year, it seems the statistics have risen, with tourists paying more attention to the colourful and culture-rich archipelago off the west coast of Africa. It has been quite the story with tourism numbers increasing 115% since 2000, but popular though it is today, Cape Verde has…
Cape Verde
due diligence

New partnerships with Italian and Scandinavian sales agents

We, at The Resort Group PLC, believe in expanding our horizons, which has been proven with our growing network of agents across Europe. Our latest venture shows the true partnerships we have developed with the leading Real Estate agents in Italy and Scandinavia, amongst many other countries. Our most recent trip to Cape Verde welcomed Nuccia Barile and Vittorio Savoia from Remax, Fabrizio Bordunale from BF Servizi Immobiliari, and Winston Roberts and Esko Trofast from…
Cape Verde
Melia Llana The Level Pool Bar

The bars at MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa

If you haven’t visited our latest development on Sal Island, the brand new MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa is a luxurious getaway with everything you might want from an adults-only holiday. It’s natural then that special attention was paid to the array of bars available to holidaymakers with three distinct venues, as well as a VIP area open exclusively to LEVEL guests.   AVENUE BAR The all-day open air bar sits at the…
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upside down boat on a beach

10 facts about Cape Verde

Cape Verde was a little-known archipelago off the west coast of Africa just a few short years ago. But, as tourists came trickling in, it was noticed as the next emerging hotspot by industry experts, such as The Resort Group PLC, and it has thrived as an Island of economic stability based on this influx of tourism ever since. With the idyllic holiday destination ever more present on the world stage, it’s always good to…
Cape Verde
Portrait photo

Staff Spotlight: Steve Hallam

As part of our staff spotlight series, we spoke to Director of the Group, Steve Hallam, about his life before The Resort Group, Cape Verde’s investment potential and what he sees as the next step. What did you do before you worked with The Resort Group? The bulk of my pre-TRG career was spent in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) arena. Having held positions in the drinks division of Princes Group, my first move…
Type D Exterior Pool

White Sands Hotel & Spa Update – July 2017

Santa Monica Beach has certainly seen a transformation in the past few weeks as White Sands Hotel & Spa enters a whole new phase. The newest images from the beautiful Boa Vista beachfront shows development for both the villas that sit nearest to the shore and the stunning hotel suites.
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A children learning outside

The latest from The Cape Verde Foundation

It’s been a busy few months for the Cape Verde Foundation, with a variety of events taking place. First, long-term supporters of the Foundation Kevin Thornton, Chanelle Ruddock and Stuart Campbell came to Cape Verde in May to donate sports equipment to Espargos schools. The team collected the donations in the UK, with the kits made up of various shirts, shorts, clothing, training balls and gloves.
Cape Verde
Câmara Municipal do Sal

JazzSal Live Concert 2017

Based on the excellent experience last year, the second annual JazzSal Live Concert was held over the weekend. The first event took place in Praça de Santa Maria, and it saw the launch of a project that took the Island by storm. The musical and technical quality as well as the creativity on show went down brilliantly with both the public and the media. The aim in 2017 was to improve on this success –…
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Accepting an Award on stage

Founder of The Resort Group awarded highest honour of Merit Medal

The President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, has awarded founder and chief executive of The Resort Group PLC, Rob Jarrett with Second Class Merit Medal for his unwavering positive contribution and investment to the country. Jarrett has been awarded the accolade for not only his contribution to the economic and social development of the country, but also the creation of hundreds of jobs.  The honour, which is one of the…
Press Release
A group of people exiting a building

Olympic Swimming Pool to open on Sal

Just under a year ago, The Resort Group PLC was proud to open the Acadêmico Football School at a ceremony that marked a new beginning for sport on the Island. The event, which took place on 15th July at the stadium itself, also included a tour and a musical performance by local artists. The synthetic grass field, large auditorium and multipurpose hall included in the Academy, alongside the Group’s sponsorship…
Cape Verde
Birds eye view of the Bikini beach bar

How Bikini Beach became a must-visit destination

Opened in December 2016, Bikini Beach Club has become synonymous with a unique style of luxury. It was a welcome addition to the Santa Maria shoreline as regular visitors and first-time guests expressed a desire for something different to do during their stay. Whilst most holidaymakers revel in an all-inclusive experience, we discovered a certain appeal for an off-Resort activity. With that in mind, we set about creating a once-in-a-lifetime beach club, set 40…
Construction site in the desert

What to expect from White Sands Hotel & Spa

White Sands Hotel & Spa is advancing quickly as the stunning suites take shape and work on the perfectly tailored facilities continues this month. Excitement and anticipation are high as properties are becoming available for investment and the structure itself becomes more recognisable by the day. But what can you expect from our latest luxury offering? An idyllic Island Boa Vista, the easternmost and third largest Island of the 10-isle archipelago, is quite rightly…
A pair crowded with people

Summer on Sal Island

Are you heading to the perennially sunny Island of Sal soon? There’s so much to see and do in the summer months on Cape Verde’s tourist hotspot. While some call it a place of eternal sun, there are actually two seasons in Cape Verde. Namely, the Tempo das Brisas from October to mid-July and the Tempo das Chuvas from August to September. As they are virtually unrecognisable to visitors, tour operators tend to stick to the traditional four…
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Grupo san jose logo

Partner Spotlight: GRUPO SANJOSE

As construction continues on White Sands Hotel & Spa, we turn the spotlight on our construction partners – GRUPO SANJOSE. The experienced company is highly trusted within the industry, with major projects under their belt and an ongoing working relationship with The Resort Group PLC. Based in the Portugal headquarters, Joaquim Morgado, the Director of International and Special Projects, took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about the Group that has…
Melia Tortuga General Villas

Happy 6th Birthday to the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort

It’s at this time of year that we often look back to the opening of our inaugural development, the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort – and this year marks an incredible six years since we opened its doors. Following the ground breaking ceremony for the development in February 2009, sales began with enthusiasm as the team discovered an appetite for the as-yet-undiscovered Islands – many were already calling it the next tourism hotspot. By November of…
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Prime Minister visits White Sands Hotel & Spa

Prime Minister visits White Sands Hotel & Spa

The Prime Minister of Cape Verde recently made an official visit to Boa Vista Island for three days of fact-finding around its latest public and private enterprises. Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva visited to variety of institutions, some still under construction, with the main aim of discovering their constraints, challenges and perspectives. This is a new model of governance for the country, following last year’s election, in which the State plays a major role in…
Three people posing for a photo

The University of Cabo Verde Inauguration

Although the University of Cabo Verde Business and Governance School started opening its doors to students as soon as the building was ready, to maximise its potential for learning, Friday 26th May saw its official inauguration. The launch unveiled twelve classrooms, a new sports ground, laboratories, cafeteria, amphitheatre and a library in the new school.
Cape Verde
Vladimir Trkal and David Dumble

The European Expansion

The Resort Group PLC is always looking for new opportunities so it’s no surprise that our successful business model has made its way to new areas of interest recently. Although based between headquarters in Gibraltar and an office in the UK, such was the interest in other parts of Europe, the Group are now established in the Czech Republic and have recently launched an operational centre in Portugal. This coincides with our timely launch of…
A Large Crowed of people sat watching a show

Sal Beach Soccer returns to Santa Maria

The beach was full of spectators as the teams took to the sands to commence this year’s Sal Beach Soccer. Held between the 19th and 21st May, the Island of Sal hosted the second edition of the sports event, which is promoted by the Chamber of Tourism, in partnership with Beach Soccer World Wide and FIFA. In 2016, the inaugural event involved 50 people, 63 athletes, 47 goals, 23 sponsors and 371 hotel nights. And…
Cape Verde
Judges sat watching fashion show

Britain’s Next Top Model Final

It was all leading up to this week’s grand finale and we were blown away by the amazing catwalk at Bikini Beach Club. We said goodbye to Tallulah last week so the episode started with just three of the girls left in the final. As Alannah, Olivia and Jennifer enjoyed the luxurious villa, 5-star hospitality and beachfront setting of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, it was clear the nerves were setting in as the…
Our Resorts
Four judges

Britain’s Next Top Model heads to the hotspots of Sal Island

The excitement ramped up another gear yesterday as the final four found themselves out in the Atlantic for one shoot followed by a taste of the real modelling world with a long day travelling around the Island. https://theresortgroupplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Final-4-Twitter.mp4   After saying goodbye to Simone last week, the girls made the most of the Cape Verdean sunshine with a quick dip in the pool at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, then it was back…
Cape Verde
Britains Next Top Model

The Britain’s Next Top Model girls arrive in Cape Verde

It was an exciting episode on Britain’s Next Top Model last night as the five finalists touched down on Sal Island and headed for the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. Their welcome was incredible as Director of Animation, Nelson, and his amazing entertainment team took over the entrance to the Resort and made sure the girls were suitably impressed. From a fire show to contortionists and acrobats, as well as…
Cape Verde
Skyscrappers Skyline

Investment grade Securities delivering double-digit returns

Escher Marwick PLC issued securities delivering annualised returns of 11%. ISIN Codes: GB00BD4F3X58 (£) GB00BD4F4095 (€) GB00BDHF4S41 ($) The Escher Marwick PLC (Series 2016-4) MTN programme invests in a portfolio of Hotel/Resort properties principally with The Resort Group PLC, in the Cape Verde Islands. The underlying assets benefit from a guaranteed revenue agreement with a globally recognised tour operator. The strategy is an absolute return designed to outperform traditional equity and fixed income based investments in terms…
Our Resorts
BNTM card

Britain’s Next Top Model and The Resort Group PLC

It may not have been the best kept secret but last night revealed the exotic destination to which the finalists of Britain’s Next Top Model would be flying for the last three episodes. With its stunning sandy beaches, reliably sun-soaked backdrop and undiscovered feel, Cape Verde is the perfect place for a fun-packed few weeks of fashion shoots. It all came about due to the collaboration between the Group and Britain’s Next Top Model’s…
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Analita Boutique

Staff Spotlight: Eliseida Fortes

In light of the expansion of the Analita Boutiques in recent months, we caught up with manager Eliseida Fortes to find out how she found herself at the helm of the popular Boulevard stores and what she loves most about it. 1. How long have you been manager of the Boutique? I’ve been a manager of the Boutiques for two and a half years. 2. What did you do before you worked at the…
Golden Shovels

Then and Now: The growth of the Cape Verdean economy

It was over ten years ago that Rob Jarrett, Founder and CEO of the The Resort Group PLC, imagined a business model that would bring luxurious Resorts to a small set of Islands, just off the West African coast. In that time, the Group has established itself in Cape Verde as a developer of luxury 5–star Resorts, with hospitality and high quality environments at its heart, but it has also had an impact on the archipelago’s…
Cape Verde
In the press

Cape Verde in the Press

We recently commissioned research that found that 50 percent of UK holidaymakers don’t know where Cape Verde is. One of the best kept secrets of the travel industry, Cape Verde has so much to offer holidaymakers with its year round sunshine, unspoilt beaches and activities from whale watching through to kite surfing – it really does have something for everyone. It’s been a busy few months… last December we invited a number of UK journalists…
Press Release
Bikini beach sign

Bikini Beach Watersports starts making waves

Always looking to improve the Cape Verde experience, The Resort Group PLC has embarked on many ventures since our inception onto the Islands to improve touristic capital. With Bikini Beach Club in full flow, having welcomed bloggers, journalists and celebrities through its doors from the day it opened in December 2016, it was time to start work on aligned brands that would expand on this exclusive offering. The new Bikini Beach Watersports is there…
Travelife Logo

Travelife Gold Certification for two of our Resorts

The high standard of service and 5-star hospitality at our operational Resorts is of utmost importance to The Resort Group PLC. That is why we take every accolade we achieve seriously, such is their contribution to our ongoing success in this emerging tourism hotspot. Recently, both the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort and the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa were granted the Travelife Gold Certification. Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme,…
Our Resorts
The Level

What happens when you upgrade to The LEVEL?

Our Resorts provide 5-star luxury around the clock, all year round, with the best that Cape Verde’s famous hospitality has to offer. But for those looking for a holiday that transcends this warm welcome, our Resorts offer an even more deluxe experience. The VIP package at our three Resorts is called The LEVEL and such is Meliá Hotels International’s commitment to high quality service, it presents the opportunity for you to upgrade and personalise your…
Our Resorts

Britain’s Next Top Model at the Analita Boutique and Beauty Salon

When we learned that Britain’s Next Top Model was coming to Cape Verde, and one of our Resorts in particular, we knew exactly who should be involved. Working tirelessly to ensure our guests are immaculately dressed, well-groomed and feeling fantastic, the Analita Boutique and Analita Beauty Salon play a hugely important part in making sure the Resort maintains its 5-star luxury, no stress ambiance. Namely, by providing a place to relax while holidaymakers receive their…
Our Resorts
deutsche hospitality

Partner Spotlight: Deutsche Hospitality

Established in 1930 by Albert Steigenberger, Deutsche Hospitality has enjoyed incredible success since his first hotel acquisition in Baden-Baden, Germany. Today, their headquarters in Frankfurt is the epicentre of a €500 million operation that includes 116 hotels in 12 countries on 3 continents, and with such a unique and varied portfolio, this is clearly just the beginning. Constantly evolving and finding new niches in the market, the business originally found its foundations in…
Our Resorts
Cutting the red ribbon

Llana Beach Hotel open on the shores of Sal Island

On Saturday 10th December, CEO of The Resort Group PLC, Rob Jarrett officially opened the 5-star luxury Llana Beach Hotels in the company of Cape Verdean Minister of Economy & Tourism Mr. José Gonçalves, the Mayor of Sal, representatives from Meliá Hotels International and selected guests. Mr Jarrett hosted a VIP Executive meal to start proceedings, in which he welcomed representatives from The Resort Group PLC such as Non-Executive Chairman Sir Peter Middleton, Non-Executive Directors…
cape verde beaches

Two New Hotel Developments in Cape Verde by 2020

The Resort Group PLC has signed agreements with Deutsche Hospitality to develop two new hotels in Cape Verde, which will become home to the Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts and Jaz at the Beach brands. Deutsche Hospitality is a world-renowned brand which brings together three separate hotel brands – Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, Jaz in the City and Intercity Hotel. The Deutsche Hospitality brand encompasses a total of 116 hotels, 18 of which are at…
BNTM card on the beach

Glitz, Glamour and Reality TV comes to Cape Verde

Shining the spot light on Cape Verde is important to us and being able to showcase our world class Resorts while educating the industry about what this amazing destination has to offer is a priority for the Group. That is why we were delighted to host and work in Cape Verde with British production company Thumbs Up Production to film the glamorous fashion TV programme, Britain’s Next Top Model. A hugely successful franchise, which has…
Our Resorts
Two people posing for a photo

The Resort Group on the Radio

In a move that will see a Cape Verde community radio station continue transmitting, The Resort Group PLC have invested in local advertising. Community Radio Santa Maria, which talks about tourist activities on Sal Island concentrating especially on the city of Santa Maria, have struck up a partnership with The Resort Group PLC to allow the program to be sponsored by the Group. At the beginning and end of each program, listeners will now hear…
Cape Verde
The Resort Life Issue 10

Resort Life Issue 10

Issue 10 of Resort Life has arrived and it’s packed full of the latest news from The Resort Group PLC. From our involvement with the sports scene in Cape Verde and the exciting launch of the first Bikini Beach Club, to Llana Beach Hotel’s finishing touches and development from the White Sands Hotel & Spa construction site – there’s everything you need to know. …
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From CGI to reality at Llana Beach Hotel

There isn’t long to go now until Llana Beach Hotel opens its doors to guests and excitement is building so we’re inviting you take a virtual look inside before you visit. The all-suite 601 room hotel sits between the two other operational five-star resorts developed by The Resort Group PLC, MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa,  and will add to the tourism trade of…
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Birds Eye View of construction site

Progress at White Sands Hotel & Spa

White Sands Hotel & Spa in Boa Vista is a major development for The Resort Group PLC. Construction is coming along on schedule and properties are already being sold off-plan as work continues on site. Some properties are expected to be completed by the end of 2016 and there are up to 150 people working to make this happen with six cranes, three telehandlers, one excavator and four trucks available to help them. As…
Development Projects

On the Boulevard

If you take a stroll down the Boulevard, you’ll discover the eclectic variety of businesses and services available to you during your stay at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. Amongst the ice cream store, luxurious Level lounge and gift shop are three businesses that continue to go from strength to strength as tourism and occupancy rates rise every year. The Analita Beauty Salon, Boulevard Boutique and Analita Boutique offer a number of holiday treats…
Preforming on stage

Fantcha performs at Cabo Verde festival

  Raj’d artist Fantcha recently performed on the first day of the famous Baía das Gatas festival in São Vicente, Cabo Verde. The music festival has become a cultural institution for the Islands and traditionally takes place in August during the three days of a ‘full moon weekend’. Held since 1984, the event has expanded every year, with artists now flying in from around the world. This year’s festival opened with Vasco Martins, and also…
Olympic rings

Cape Verde at the Olympic Games

As the Olympic Games in Rio start to heat up, we take a look at Cape Verde’s drive to win their first medal. Their first involvement in the Olympics was the 1996 Atlanta Games, where four athletes took part in sports including the marathon, athletics and gymnastics. The archipelago has sent athletes to every Summer Olympics since, but unfortunately they are yet to win a medal. This year, the excitement started as soon as the…
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Boats in Cape Verde

Figures show promising future for Cape Verde tourism

Positive tourism statistics from the World Travel & Tourism Council predict a steady rise for both the investment in and the benefits of tourism to the country over the next few years. The World Travel & Tourism Council is an independent authority that investigates both the economic and social impact these factors have on countries. Specifically focused on promoting sustainable growth, the council engages with government and international organisations to increase employment, drive exports and…
Cape Verde

The Resort Group PLC and Meliá Hotels International sign with Leading Travel Company

  The Resort Group PLC and their long-time hotel partners Meliá Hotels International have secured a major commercial agreement with a world-leading travel brand. The new move will see the unnamed company delivering nearly one million customers to The Resort Group PLC’s three Resorts on Sal Island in Cape Verde over the next three years. As part of the multi-million pound deal, the travel brand will take the large majority of rooms at MELIÃ…
Logo X Jopgos Desportivos CPLP

The Sal Island CPLP Games

After an incredible opening ceremony, attended by The Resort Group PLC founder Rob Jarrett and other dignitaries, the CPLP Games were off to an impressive start. As gold sponsors, The Resort Group PLC were proud to offer rooms in MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort for both athletes and organisers. The Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) Games is a multinational under-16s sporting event that has been encouraging young athletes…
Cape Verde
Construction of a pair

Progress from Bikini Beach Club

Bikini Beach and the Blue Lagoon – one of our most exciting projects, bringing Cape Verde’s first premium beach club to life on the cool crystal waters of Algodoeira Beach. 2015 Construction has come a long way since we laid the first stones of the arms that will protect a swimming-friendly area surrounding the beach club. By August 2015, the manmade lagoon was starting to take shape, with surf-breaking rocks providing the base of the…
Chinese Flag

Investment Spotlight: World’s leading economies investing in Cape Verde

Many countries have taken a strong interest in Cape Verde, and China is potentially the best example. After years of investment and diplomatic relations, the 10-island country and huge nation see their work as mutually beneficial. During the Cape Verdean fight for independence, the Chinese nation stood by those campaigning for freedom, and it sparked the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Over time, there have been numerous investments to improve the infrastructure and facilities on…
Rob Jarrett and others

The Resort Group PLC supports sport in Cape Verde

The Official Opening Ceremony of the Acadêmico Football School The Resort Group PLC is a proud advocate of Cape Verde sport, constantly looking at ways we can help to further sporting activity in the country. With that in mind, Rob Jarrett recently visited the Acadêmico Football School for theunveiling of the plaque and the official opening ceremony. The football team that plays at the stadium, Acadêmico do Sal, also enjoys sponsorship from The…
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Melia Tortuga Entrance

Five Years at Tortuga Beach Resort

It’s been five years since we opened the doors at MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, and we couldn’t have imagined what a success story it has been. We take a look back at the high points of our very first development in Cape Verde. Occupancy levels have remained strong since launch, with consistent growth and an impressive average of over 70% in the last 5 years. During high season, which traditionally stretches from October to February…
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Media Statement

12 July 2016 The following statement is in response to the BBC Panorama programme ‘Pensions Rip Off’, which aired at 20.30 on Monday 11th July 2016. The Resort Group PLC takes the matters raised extremely seriously. It expects any company that it works with, whether owned or a third party, to operate to the highest standards and to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. There are clear policies and training in place to ensure…
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melia 60 logo

Partner Spotlight: Meliá Hotels International

Meliá Hotels International recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and, as one of our key strategic partners, we are delighted to see how it has become one of the world’s largest hoteliers. Since being founded in 1956, Meliá Hotels International has grown from its first hotel in Mallorca, Spain, to a presence today in 40 different countries. It provides more than 350 hotels under seven brands, and there is no sign of slowing down. Meliá…
Cape Verde Foundation members

Our Work with The Cape Verde Foundation

It was his relationship with the Island and connections with the local Government and community that made Rob Jarrett, CEO and Founder of The Resort Group, want to help. So began The Cape Verde Foundation – a charity organisation that seeks to enrich the lives of children as well as assist with fundamental issues such as education, healthcare and the long-term development of the Islands. In the years since it…
Cape Verde

Luxury Hotel Group of the Year 2016

The Luxury Travel Awards is an annual determination of the foremost industry leaders in five-star international travel. Focusing on individual regions, the panel identifies the very best accommodation in the most sought-after locations for consideration. So, naturally, we were thrilled to hear that the Meliá Group has received the award for Luxury Hotel Group of the Year in Cape Verde from the Luxury Travel Awards. It’s a true honour to win this…
prague office opening

The Resort Group opens Prague office

Furthering their international reach, The Resort Group have opened an office in Prague for the Czech branch of the Group. This week saw the official opening presentation of the new Czech office in Prague New Town, with a mixture of agents, clients, investors, business partners and guests in attendance – including the Consul of Cape Verde and the Ambassador of Portugal. The event also welcomed guests from Stadtquartier Vienna, Luxent, Traficon, Alexandria Real, the…

The Resort Group to appear in The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration publication

2016 will mark The Queen’s 90th birthday, and The Resort Group has been selected to feature in the official commemorative publication. The album coincides with a fantastic line-up of events in May and we are honoured to be part of this historic celebration. While The Queen’s actual birthday is on 21st April and her official birthday is on a Saturday in June, The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration will take place from 12th to 15th May…
Analita’s Boutique

Analita’s Boutique comes to MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort

Style came to MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort over the weekend as we opened a second boutique. On Friday 8th April, guests gathered to see the ribbon cutting of the Resort’s newest offering – a boutique designed to cater to anyone in need over the course of their holiday. Available to all are a variety of casual, essential and evening styles for men, woman and children, along…

White Sands Hotel contracts signed with Grupo San Jose

The Resort Group has signed contracts this week with construction company Grupo San Jose, which sees White Sands Hotel & Spa move one step closer to construction starting on the development. The company, which has also been appointed to build the new University of Cape Verde campus in Praia, will commence construction shortly on our newest venture. CEO of The Resort Group, Rob Jarrett, Andy Lawson, Managing Director of Resort Construction Services and Group Development…
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Prime Minister Meeting Praia Jan

Cape Verde Prime Minister meets with the Board

In a move that sees even greater collaboration between The Resort Group and the Cape Verdean government, our board of directors recently met with Prime Minister José Maria Neves in the capital city, Praia on the island of Santiago. As we forge forward with more developments across Cape Verde, it’s essential that we do so in a way that benefits both the community on the islands and the people who govern it.
Cape Verde

The Resort Group Breaks Ground at White Sands Hotel & Spa

Planned touristic development in Boa Vista to attract overseas property investors Derby, UK – 16th December 2015 – Property investors looking for a new buy-to-let opportunity might want to consider purchasing a property on a hotel complex in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. The island has just been given a significant boost after The Resort Group announced it would start building White Sands Hotel & Spa, with a groundbreaking ceremony chaired by Cape Verdean Prime…
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The Resort Group CEO Awarded ‘Tourism Merit Medal’ in Cape Verde

Rob Jarrett recognised for contribution to tourist development Derby, UK – 22nd September 2015 – Rob Jarrett, the founder and CEO of overseas property developer The Resort Group, has been awarded the Tourism Merit Medal by the Municipality of Sal in Cape Verde. The new honour officially and publicly recognises Rob’s positive contribution to tourist development on the island of Sal. Mrs Dirce Évora, Chairperson of Sal City Council, presented the award at a…
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Dunas Beach Resort Launch Event

The Resort Group hosts memorable pre-opening event for exclusive guests 29th October 2014 – Property developer The Resort Group put on a glittering launch event on 24-27th October to celebrate the completion of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa in Sal, Cape Verde. Hundreds of people, from property investors and sales agents to partners involved in the construction, enjoyed getting a first glimpse into the five-star, all-inclusive resort. The Resort Group’s…
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The Resort Group’s MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort Signs Agreement with Leading Travel Brand

Exclusive Deal Boosts Return on Investment for Cape Verde Property Owners Derby, UK, 23rd September 2014 – Respected property development brand The Resort Group Plc has today announced that it has signed a major deal with a world-leading global travel brand. This latest move sees the unnamed leisure group take a high percentage of pre-paid rooms at the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa on Sal Island, which opens on 1st November 2014. This multi-million…
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