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2018’s Biggest Travel & Tourism Trends

News from the ABTA Travel Trends Report 2018 shows that more people are taking holidays now than at any time over the past 5 years. Times are changing when it comes to travelling and tourism — and they’re changing fast, with new and exciting trends appearing.

Responsible Tourism

The foremost travel trend for 2018 is responsible tourism. After mounting negative reports from unhappy locals and tourists expressing concern about overcrowding, the tourism industry as a whole has decided that change is needed. Responding to demand for sustainable tourism, the international sustainability certification Travelife dedicate their work to making holidays more sustainable. Working with travel businesses around the world to help them improve their social, economic and environmental impacts, the certification has recognized three of The Resort Group PLC’s 5-star Resorts – MELIÃ Tortuga Beach ResortMELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, and TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde. Awarded the Gold Award for sustainability, all three Resorts were subject to a strict qualification process against 163 sustainability criteria, which will be reviewed again after two years to ensure that they operate on a socially and environmentally sustainable level.

ABTA reports that 70% of tourists are in favour of tour operators who offer holidays that benefit the local community and economy. People are making more informed decisions about travel and are opting for companies that support and promote local eateries, shopping, and activities. The Cape Verde Foundation offers those visiting the Islands an opportunity to support our efforts in helping local communities, schools and charity projects and make a difference.

Cruises are also rising in popularity as travellers can visit different continents during the same trip, without the hustle and bustle of multiple airports. Mindful of the responsible tourism trend, cruise operators are overtly advertising their switch to cleaner fuel, staying in port for longer, and visiting smaller towns to boost local economies and avoid the crowds. A hot spot for Cruise Operators worldwide, Cape Verde’s unique archipelago makes it the perfect stop for holidaymakers wanting a varied culture experience.

Responsible tourism doesn’t stop with people either. Animal welfare is a large part of it too. Holiday selfies with tigers, dolphins, and monkeys are becoming very frowned upon. Leading Tour Operator TUI have even removed activities such as elephant rides to show their commitment to this trend. To find out about more initiatives which TUI are taking to ensure it operates a sustainable Tourism concept view their report.


Culture is the New Adventure

Tying in nicely with responsible tourism is the strong demand for cultural experiences. While recent times have seen people jetting off around the world to go bungee jumping and skydiving, Intrepid Travel has reported a 45% drop in this type of adventure holiday.

The new adventure trend is the desire to experience new cultures, with a 20% rise in tourists opting for food adventure tours, including wine tasting, sampling local cuisine, and taking cookery classes. Traditional dishes like Cape Verdean classic, Cachupa, are often top of the list for those looking for a varied culinary experience.

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Millennials Want More from Their Package Deals

Package deals remain a very popular choice among travellers, with over 50% of people taking one in the past year according to ABTA. However, the high expectations of millennial tourists have created a paradox. Trends show that millennials are moving towards more authentic and cultural experiences; however, their demand is also for luxury interiors, high standard local cuisine, and of course, Wi-Fi. Taking the top spot on CNN’s Top Places to Visit in 2018, the Cape Verde Islands balance the all inclusive with the luxury demand to make sure that every need is catered for.

Long-haul at Low Cost

Low-cost long-haul is set to become mainstream in 2018. To get away from overcrowded destinations nearer home, UK tourists are looking further afield. From booking further in advance to taking advantage of very favourable long-haul prices, destinations such as Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean are becoming increasingly popular. At only 6 hours flight time from the UK, holidaymakers can experience year-round sunshine without the jetlag when opting to visit Cape Verde for their vacation.


Modern Offerings for Modern Society

A major welcome change in travel trends is companies realising that not every family is made up of two parents, and not every tourist has someone to travel with.

With single person supplements starting to be waived, lone-parent families will finally be able to take their children away without it breaking the bank, and ‘going it alone’ won’t come at a premium. Resorts are also creating communal dining tables, recognising that people who travel alone don’t always want to be alone.

The Resort Group PLC is not only looking forward to seeing these trends develop, but has also anticipated these changes and adjusted their offerings to keep in-line with the demands. For more information on our Resorts, get in touch with our friendly team today


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