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Boa Vista Breathes the Culture of Cape Verde

Culture is everywhere when you visit Cape Verde, no matter which Island you’re on. It’s colourful, it’s vibrant, and it’s well worth planning a trip to Boa Vista around some of the events that happen throughout the year.


Carnival is celebrated on every Island of the archipelago — and Boa Vista is no exception. The most anticipated event of the year, Cape Verdeans take to the streets for three days before Ash Wednesday to celebrate in an explosion of colour.

Dubbed one of the three most tropical carnivals in the world, along with Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago, the festival is a fusion of Brazilian, Caribbean, and African influences — not to mention the Island’s Portuguese heritage.

Carnival preparations go on almost year-round, and the build-up sees Islanders planning and often making their exotic costumes. The streets turn into a river of colour as people take part in parades and processions. Music and dancing feature heavily, celebrating the world-class talents that Cape Verde is home to.


Two days of celebration – 4th and 5th July

July is a great time to visit Boa Vista, as there are two important days of festivities — for two different reasons. The 4th July celebrates the patron saint of Boa Vista, Santa Isabel. The capital of the Island, Sal Rei, becomes a stage for lively processions, concerts by local artists, and a myriad of stalls selling hand-crafted items and local food and drink. Together with dancing, horse racing, football tournaments, and boat races, this major cultural event attracts people from neighbouring Islands as well as the Boa Vista locals.

With no time to take a breath, the celebrations continue into 5th July — the national day when Cape Verde celebrates gaining independence from Portugal. More dancing ensues as tourists are invited to party with the locals until the small hours of the next day.


Santa Cruz music festival

On the third weekend of August, Boa Vista plays host to the Santa Cruz music festival, which takes place just north of Sal Rei. An event that really puts the Island in the spotlight, everyone congregates around a big stage on the beach for two days. Musicians from Boa Vista start the performances off, followed by Cape Verde’s chart-topping bands and groups from around the world.


Festivals throughout the year

Cape Verdeans are known for their love of celebrating — dancing, music, and enjoying the community around them. Rarely is there a festival that doesn’t include a procession. Religious festivals take place throughout the year, such as the Festival of the Three Wise Men on 6th January, which includes lots of social activities. Musicians go from house to house, playing the traditional music of the occasion. The Feast of Saint Anthony on 13th June includes a procession to a small church located in the centre of the island near ‘Rocha de Santo Antonio’ (Saint Anthony’s Rock).


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