Britain's Next Top Model Final
Judges sat watching fashion show

Britain’s Next Top Model Final

It was all leading up to this week’s grand finale and we were blown away by the amazing catwalk at Bikini Beach Club.

We said goodbye to Tallulah last week so the episode started with just three of the girls left in the final. As Alannah, Olivia and Jennifer enjoyed the luxurious villa, 5-star hospitality and beachfront setting of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, it was clear the nerves were setting in as the finale loomed nearer.

The first model mail revealed that the girls would take part in a sophisticated nude shoot on one of the beautiful private beaches on Sal Island. Stunning and yet secluded, the beach provided the perfect location for the finalists to bare all under the setting sun. Just a stone’s throw from our Resorts, the team were able to take care of the girls in this most revealing situation, with MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa offering towels and robes to help the production crew.

Unfortunately, despite the absolutely beautiful shots achieved against the ocean backdrop, Alannah was the next model to leave the competition. So, now all that remained was the catwalk at Bikini Beach Club, at the end of which one girl would discover she had been chosen as Britain’s Next Top Model.

The final two girls, Jennifer and Olivia, took in a quick practice up and down the long jetty and custom-designed submerged runway, in front of renowned designer Savannah Miller. They both impressed her and Abbey Clancy as they traversed the long walk but it was soon time to get ready as the sun set and the light show began at the glamorous beach club. In fact, the entire club was expertly decked out for the filming with specialist lighting and the carefully designed catwalk sitting just below the surface of the pool.

Taking their place on the synonymous Bikini Beach chairs for the ultimate view of the catwalk, the judges Abbey Clancy, Nicky Johnston, Hilary Alexander and Paul Sculfor, along with guest judge Savannah Miller, were ready and waiting to make their final decision. The comfortable poolside beds were full of The Resort Group PLC representatives, along with dignitaries, VIP guests and the three other finalists who unfortunately hadn’t made it this far.

Also including models from Analita Boutique, the girls were the picture of elegance and style as they made their way down the runway to the underwater catwalk in the pool. Modelling the chic Nine by Savannah Miller at Debenhams, it was a truly successful show – showing off the models as well as the unique surroundings of the beach club itself.

Keeping the decision under wraps, Bikini Beach was then emptied for the girls to find out who had won the competition. And, having impressed the judges throughout the programme as well as in Cape Verde, Olivia was officially announced as Britain’s Next Top Model.

The Resort Group PLC and our operational Resorts are experienced at housing production cast and crews for major TV programmes and this was just another example of how easy the process can be. For more information about filming in Cape Verde or to find out about our developments, get in touch today via our contact page.

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