Cape Verde in TUI’s 2019 Summer Programme
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Cape Verde Announced as Part of TUI’s 2019 Summer Programme

As the ABTA Travel Trends Report 2018 reveals that more people are taking holidays now than at any time over the past 5 years, TUI releases its 2019 Summer Programme.

Having already been awarded the TUI Top Quality Winner 2018 Award for its MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and the TUI FAMILY Champion 2018 for MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, The Resort Group PLC is delighted that Cape Verde features in the new programme. Furthering an already successful relationship with TUI is an exciting prospect for all. 

The most ambitious TUI summer programme ever introduced

Richard Sofer, TUI’s UK & Ireland commercial director, discusses the summer programme:

“Summer 2019 is the most ambitious programme we have ever introduced. We are focusing firmly on growing our amazing range of holidays through an extended regional flying programming, concentrated on the core destinations holidaymakers want to travel to, while offering the flexibility of holiday duration they want. We’ve added capacity where we know we have customer demand […].”

Over a quarter of this demand is targeted towards Cape Verde, with 200,000 of the additional 720,000 new seats destined for the shores of the archipelago.

Turkey, Greece, and Croatia are the other main hotspots where TUI will be increasing its offerings.

A response to the growth of Cape Verde as a destination

With TUI incorporating an increase in service to Cape Verde in their summer programme, this mirrors the growth of the Islands as a holiday destination of choice.

Named as the ‘Most Searched Holiday on Google’, Cape Verde has become increasingly popular since The Resort Group PLC first arrived on Sal Island 10 years ago. Specifically, it ranks number one on the search engine for the ‘most searched-for holiday destinations’. The Resort Group PLC takes pride in results like this, as they demonstrate the success of their efforts in meeting the tourism market’s trends.

According to the ABTA Travel Trends Report, package deals remain a very popular choice among tourists, with over 50% of travellers having gone on one in the past year. However, an interesting trend has emerged with the high expectations of millennial tourists, which has created somewhat of a paradox. Findings show that millennials are moving towards more authentic and cultural experiences but are also not willing to compromise on their demand for luxury interiors, high-standard local cuisine, and Wi-Fi.

From working with tour operators such as TUI, high-spec Resort developments, and an emphasis on working with local communities, The Resort Group PLC is creating great results that match these exact trends.


The benefits to Cape Verde

In the decade that The Resort Group PLC has been in Cape Verde, CEO and founder Rob Jarrett has always made it part of his personal mission to ensure that the increase in tourism also brings benefits to the local people.

The largest employer after the State, the Resorts employ approx 2,000 employees — many being locals. In addition, founding The Cape Verde Foundation has allowed profits to be ploughed back into the Islands, raising money for local causes such as medical supplies, educational material, and university and school scholarships — to name but a few.

The increase in services from TUI this year will see more money being invested in the local economy and Rob Jarrett’s aim of raising the GDP of the country being achieved.


Who else will benefit? Investors.

Along with the local economy and tourists, investors can only benefit from these plans. As The Resort Group PLC works continuously to evolve with the latest tourism trends and demand, current Resorts will be improved and new ones will be developed.

This all leads to tourists coming back year after year, along with an influx of new visitors. Ultimately, this will increase the opportunities, occupancy rates, and profits for existing and future investors. For more information about investment opportunities in Cape Verde, contact one of our team today.

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