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Committed to Cape Verde | Reuters Special | The Resort Group PLC

Reuters Global Thought Leaders Series – Committed to Cape Verde

Establishing a new holiday destination on an international scale isn’t a simple task. It takes vision, commitment and an unwavering determination for success.

In a market flooded by flash in the pan developers and emerging “holiday hotspots” that fail to stand the test of time, it is a challenge to discover and create a lasting legacy that truly captures the imagination of holidaymakers worldwide.

Speaking to international news organisation, Reuters, The Resort Group PLC explains how its commitment to Cape Verde has contributed to lasting change on the islands and a promising future for the sun-soaked archipelago.

Seeking out new opportunities for beach-front destinations over 10 years ago, it was with this vision for sustainable development that brought The Resort Group PLC to Cape Verde; a ten-island archipelago just off the west coast of Africa. Largely undiscovered and not prohibitive to touristic development, the destination was the perfect environment for the world-class luxury resort developer to begin its long-term partnership with the country.

Now with five operational resorts and a construction pipeline set to deliver a further 6500 rooms, The Resort Group PLC’s commitment to Cape Verde is clear. 1 in 3 Cape Verdeans or their families are employed by The Resort Group PLC, with 97% of the Groups on-island workforce Cape Verdean nationals. Moreover, as one of the only few nations to have graduated from a ‘least developed nation’ to ‘lower-middle income’ – good governance, stability and direct foreign investment has had a sizeable impact on the country’s economic and social development.

As a consideration for many now, when next booking their holiday destination, responsible tourism is a key part of The Resort Group PLC’s plan for longevity and the luxury resort developer is setting the standards by making sure everything they do is consistent with international standards on sustainability. Committed to long-term touristic development, the 5-star luxury resort developer has made concerted efforts to recognise what the social community needs and to understand more about Cape Verde. The premise of its Cape Verde Foundation, a social initiative established by The Resort Group PLC, believes that by putting kitchens and food into schools, attendance will increase and solid education formed as a vital by-product, improving opportunities and the future prospects for attendees.

Dedicating another decade to the increasingly popular archipelago, The Resort Group PLC recognise the potential for even further growth in the Cape Verde islands, with a strategic vision for more developments and integrated businesses that ensure it carries on delivering on its promises to its investors and to Cape Verde alike.

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