Happy Wedding Anniversary to Her Majesty
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Happy Platinum Wedding Anniversary to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh

It is with great honour that we were invited to be involved with a commemorative book in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th Wedding Anniversary. It follows many seminal achievements for the Group, including our feature in the exclusive The Queen at 90 publication, the Cape Verde medal awarded to Rob Jarrett for his work in developing the Islands and celebrating our own 10-year anniversary in 2017.

As the main sponsor for the book, we received a double page to speak of our work over the past decade, an advertisement to highlight our 10-year legacy and an opportunity to congratulate the royal couple from the Group, as well as contributing a foreword by way of our Founder and CEO, Rob Jarrett. It is such a wonderful occasion to be honouring and we are proud to be featuring so prominently in a commemorative print that marks the first 70th Wedding Anniversary for any British monarch.

The Platinum Anniversary book will be handed out to VIP members of various industries, including government officials, fashion and textile companies, car manufacturers, travel experts and, of course, others who feature in the exclusive publication. You can read the entire book here and find out more about Her Majesty’s incredible reign with the support and hard work of her husband and consort, the Duke of Edinburgh.

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