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Hospitality at The Resort Group

The Resort Group PLC is known amongst investors for its long-term plans, excellent track record and dedication to the ongoing success of a development. With the latter in mind, the Group has made great strides in expanding the hospitality side of the business – working hard to create a well-rounded experience for guests.

The start of our wide-ranging integrated businesses began as soon as the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort opened its doors. The Medical Services SA provide first response care to holidaymakers, while CV Alerta ensure the safety of all on the Resorts, both incredibly important given the new wave of tourists coming to Sal Island. It was this increased interest that encouraged the company to look even further into our hospitality offering.

Our comprehensive food and beverage offerings quickly followed, supplying high quality produce to the Resorts and their varied restaurants. Meanwhile, the beautiful boutiques, where many guests enjoy a holiday shopping trip, were established to lend visitors a stylish helping hand while they enjoyed the Cape Verdean sun. Similarly, the beauty salons provide a number of treatments to help guests relax wiith a range of hair and beauty packages available.

The Group’s newest venture in hospitality comes in the form of Bikini Beach. It is a beach club that offers an off-Resort venue, with 5-star service, exceptional food offering and renowned DJs treating the crowd to music throughout the day and night. With plans to take this successful model to another Cape Verdean Island and then further still, to some of the most popular holiday hotspots around the world, this is one part of our drive for better hospitality that will be translated globally.

To find out more about the variety of integrated businesses that work alongside the Group to ensure the highest level of service and efficient operations, browse the About Us section or get in touch via our contact page.

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