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Integrated Businesses: Oliver Food Resorts

A vertically integrated business model is popular among multinational companies, thanks to its many benefits. As the market leader in holiday Resorts in Cape Verde, The Resort Group PLC has also adopted an integrated approach to maximise efficiency and profits.

Meet Oliver Food Resorts, food supplier for The Resort Group PLC and part of our portfolio of companies. The Benefits of Vertically Integrated Businesses | The Resort Group PLC

The Resort Group PLC’s Portfolio of Integrated Businesses


What is Oliver Food Resorts?

Established in 2014 as part of the vertically integrated business portfolio of The Resort Group PLC, Oliver Food Resorts is a fast-growing food distribution company focused on wholesale supply to hotels and Resorts. They mainly operate in Cape Verde and their clients include Meliá Hotels International and a range of local companies.

Providing for such high-end Resorts means that Oliver Food Resorts had to meet new heights and world standards of excellence from the get-go. They handle a range of products that are both locally produced and internationally imported, and each product is certified according to European regulations. They are known for guaranteeing a complete and indispensable HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café) service, supplying 8 families of products with 31 subfamilies. Their varied inventory of fresh and frozen products has been carefully selected to ensure the best quality, all year-round.

The Resort Group PLC Integrated Businesses | Oliver Foods


Oliver Food Resorts as part of a Vertically Integrated Business Model

As a part of The Resort Group PLC’s integrated portfolio, Oliver Food Resorts functions with an eye to helping the Resorts they serve to grow larger. As stated in their mission statement, Oliver Food Resorts only grows if their clients grow. With a business model designed to optimise efficiencies, lower costs and provide products of the highest quality.

Moreover, Oliver Food Resorts emphasise reliability. In their company promise, they state: “commitment to excellence to ensure service is delivered to our customers on a daily basis with competitiveness, quality and sustainability”.



Benefits of Oliver Food Resorts as a PLC Integrated Business

The Resort Group PLC is the market leader in holiday Resorts in Cape Verde, owning a number of award-winning hotels such as Meliá Tortuga Beach Resort and Meliá Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. Recent properties include the Bikini Beach Club and Meliá Llana Beach Resort & Spa – and there are 10 more projects in the pipeline.

We have made our name due to the standards of excellence we provide our customers. A vertically integrated business model has been crucial to keeping those standards high and ensuring there is no inconsistency in our service.

Oliver Food Resorts plays a great role in this. Tourist destinations like Cape Verde promise their customers a chance to kick back, relax and live their best life. Food plays an important role in the experience, and a supply of high-quality, fresh and superior products is essential for our renowned Resorts. Oliver Food Resorts provides this, making sure that The Resort Group PLC’s catering is never found wanting.

Including Oliver Food Resorts as part of its vertically integrated business model allows us to not only control the quality of the food supply, but also to control price. Moreover, Oliver Food Resorts is a homegrown company, with its base in Cape Verde. This means that it’s easier for the company to access local networks, acquire local products, and function better in the supply market. Oliver Food Resorts is considered a hometown team for its clients, and it cares about its community.

Other destinations that Oliver Food Resorts are present in include the Far East in cities such as Shanghai due to increasing demand for consumers and restaurants wanting European produce. This represents a fantastic opportunity for Oliver Foods to branch our operations outside of the Cape Verdean market as brand awareness continues to rise. We are working hard to penetrate these additional destinations in order to bring about a global brand presence for Oliver Foods and its sister partner Oliver Fish which supplies fresh seafood.


To find out more about our vertically integrated businesses and what this means for our Resorts and our, speak to our team today.


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