International Music Festival of Santa Maria
The International Music Festival of Santa Maria 2018 | The Resort Group PLC

The International Music Festival of Santa Maria 2018

This month, the much-anticipated International Music Festival of Santa Maria came to the shores of Sal. This annual two-day event sees locals and tourists flock to Santa Maria Beach to celebrate local Cape Verdean and international music. The weekend brings together a spectacularly diverse audience of all generations, but their aims are the same—dancing, singing, and celebrating—all fuelled by delicious festival food and drinks.

Once again, The Resort Group PLC was proud to sponsor this event by providing accommodation within their luxury Resorts for all of the performing acts.

The International Music Festival of Santa Maria 2018 | The Resort Group PLCImage Credit: @camaramunicipal.dosal

The artists

An astounding array of talent from all over the globe kept the crowds entertained. As Cape Verdean music gains pace and becomes more well-known in the world, the festival is the perfect opportunity to mix international stars with local wonders.

This year welcomed Cape Verde Show—a band that showcases the magic of Cape Verde music. They were superbly received, with the audience dancing and applauding from beginning to end.

Morgan Heritage was another a big hit. Performing for the first time on Sal, the two Jamaican brothers treated Santa Maria Beach to the sounds of reggae music. Already well-known throughout Cape Verde, the duo were thrilled with the lively response to their appearance.

The act that really raised the roof was Ky-Mani Marley­­—son of legendary musician Bob Marley. Bringing an incomparable voice and presence to the stage, the crowd went wild as he sang a repertoire of his owns songs, as well as his dad’s.
The International Music Festival of Santa Maria 2018 | The Resort Group PLCImage Credit: @camaramunicipal.dosal

Environmental awareness

Responding to global efforts to reduce the amount of plastic and waste, the International Music Festival of Santa Maria provided reusable and personalised glasses this year. Not only was this a major step in environmental awareness and protection, but festival-goers also went home with a great souvenir of the weekend.

The authorities of Sal want this festival to be an example of how other events can become more environmentally conscious.
Image Credit: @camaramunicipal.dosal

The Cape Verdean love of festivals

Cape Verde is a hive of festivals throughout the year, with a population that just loves to celebrate. July sees a double celebration—with the festival of the patron saint of Boa Vista on 4th July, followed by the national day of Cape Verde on the 5th. Three days before Ash Wednesday is carnival day, where explosions of colour parade through the streets. Santa Cruz is also host to a music festival—and religious festivals are a regular occurrence year-round.

The common themes that run through all festivals on Cape Verde are singing, dancing, parades, and traditional food—all the ingredients to honour their wonderful community!

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