The Rob Jarrett Scholarship
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Introducing the Rob Jarrett Scholarship

Earlier this year, The Cape Verde Foundation supported the build of the new University in the country’s capital Praia as part of the bid to improve educational facilities on the Islands. Officially inaugurated on the 26th May 2017, it was an auspicious occasion that marked a modern, forward-thinking approach to learning. Amongst other pursuits, the new school is intended to help the next generation of manager and business people prepare for their contribution to the country’s growing economy.

On opening the University back in May, Robert Jarrett, CEO of The Resort Group PLC, spoke about the Group’s “participation in the development process of the country”, adding “we are very proud to be involved in the opening and to be able to announce these grants for students.” He has now followed through on this commitment, demonstrating further support for this initiative by agreeing to fund 20 scholarships per year to help young adults in the local community maximise their learning potential.

The Rob Jarrett Scholarship will give undergraduate applicants an opportunity to take their knowledge to the next level in the twelve classrooms, sports ground, laboratories, amphitheatre and library that form part of the newly-built university. Spearheaded by the Foundation, this represents an important milestone in the Group’s program to give something back to the Cape Verde people through higher education and training.

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