Securities delivering double-digit returns
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Investment grade Securities delivering double-digit returns

Escher Marwick PLC issued securities delivering annualised returns of 11%.

ISIN Codes:

GB00BD4F3X58 (£)

GB00BD4F4095 (€)

GB00BDHF4S41 ($)

The Escher Marwick PLC (Series 2016-4) MTN programme invests in a portfolio of Hotel/Resort properties principally with The Resort Group PLC, in the Cape Verde Islands. The underlying assets benefit from a guaranteed revenue agreement with a globally recognised tour operator.

The strategy is an absolute return designed to outperform traditional equity and fixed income based investments in terms of annualised market based risk. The investment strategy has retained very low volatility and near zero correlation to traditional equity and fixed income markets.

(Available only to professional/institutional investors)

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