The Natural Wonders of Cape Verde
Fogo National Park

The Natural Wonders of Cape Verde

Interest in Cape Verde has risen significantly over the past decade. According to the latest report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Islands now welcome over half a million visitors a year, and in 2017 the travel and tourism industry directly contributed 17.8% of Cape Verde’s gross domestic profit (GDP).

The natural wonders of the archipelago account largely for it becoming such a sought-after destination. What is particularly special about the Islands is the diverse variety of sights, with each Island having something different to offer.


Fogo volcano – Fogo

As the name suggests, the Island of Fogo is home to an impressive volcano that last showed signs of life in 2014. The steep slopes of black rock and green valleys provide many a photo opportunity, and hiking trails are plentiful. For the more adventurous, it’s possible to climb all the way to the summit.


Monte Cara – Sao Vicente

As with many places in Cape Verde, names aren’t chosen by chance. Monte Cara on Sao Vicente takes its name as the summit edge of the mountain resembles a human face looking up into the sky. This impressive mountain can be enjoyed at sunset from Laginha beach in Mendelo or by hiking up to the summit.


Salinas de Pedra de Lume – Sal

The Island of Sal is named after natural saltpans found in the crater of an inactive volcano in the north of the Island. Spending an afternoon at Salinas de Pedra de Lume educates you on the process of salt extraction. It also provides the unique opportunity to experience ultimate buoyancy in the salt lakes.


Paul Valley and the Corda Road ­– Santo Antão

The Corda Road crosses Santo Antão for Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande and winds its way through stunningly gorgeous landscapes. Best appreciated on foot, you can walk the road in a day if you set off early, or you can extend the trip by descending into the Paul Valley situated halfway along.


Beaches and deserts

Boa Vista is said to have some of the most beautiful beaches in Cape Verde. Combine this with the exceptional experience of exploring the Deserto de Viana that descends to the clear blue seas — and you’ll appreciate the Cape Verdean natural wonders first-hand.

Of course, other beaches such as Santa Maria on Sal are also famous for their stunning white sands and crystalline waters. Carbeirinho is a spot of beauty on Sao Niolau, exhibiting its individuality in the multicoloured segmented surrounding rocks, which have been sculpted by the sea and elements over hundreds of years. Despite its wonder, it’s only accessible via a steep slope at low tide, and consequently, visitors often find themselves in the wonderfully secluded spot alone.
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Island of Brava

Brava is a place for the traveller who likes to get off the beaten track and connect with nature in its purest state. ‘Brava’ means wild, which sums up this Island perfectly. Apart from the town of Vila Nova de Sintra, the Island is a maze of quiet pathways between small villages and hamlets. The only people you’ll see are shepherds walking with their animals, cheesemakers travelling to sell their produce, and donkeys carrying supplies.


Parque Natural de Monte Gordo – Sao Nicolau

The Monte Gordo National Park is a protected area on the Island of Sao Nicolau. Luscious landscapes are home to several endemic species, including the Dragon Tree, and offer a beautiful setting for hiking enthusiasts. From the heights of the park on a clear day, magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding ocean await.


Buracona Lagoon – Sal

Sea caves and grottoes line the west coast of Sal, but Buracona Lagoon stands out from the rest. It’s a truly unique sight to behold when the sunlight catches the water at a certain angle and makes it look like a large, blue eye.

Exploring the natural wonders of Cape Verde is an unforgettable experience. Contact The Resort Group PLC team to discuss how we can help you explore it.

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