Partner Spotlight: GRUPO SANJOSE
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Partner Spotlight: GRUPO SANJOSE

As construction continues on White Sands Hotel & Spa, we turn the spotlight on our construction partners – GRUPO SANJOSE. The experienced company is highly trusted within the industry, with major projects under their belt and an ongoing working relationship with The Resort Group PLC. Based in the Portugal headquarters, Joaquim Morgado, the Director of International and Special Projects, took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about the Group that has built all of our 5-star Resorts so far.

1. How long have The Resort Group PLC worked with SANJOSE?

Our partnership began in 2008, with the negotiations for the construction of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort. We signed the contract for the construction of MELIÃ Tortuga first, in December 2008, with works starting on-site in May 2009.

2. What are your most notable projects aside from The Resort Group PLC?

It’s not easy to choose between thousands of projects! The recent Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum with its complex lace dome roof is certainly one of them, for many reasons. When it comes to dimension and complexity, it has to be the Al Ain Hospital (under construction, 315.000m2 built surface, 719 beds) for its integrated medical offering and the Central University Hospital of Asturias in terms of scale and possible future buildings (298.147m2 built surface, 1039 beds).

Our high-status builds include the extension of the Prado Museum, Madrid in 2016, the central services building in the City of Culture, Galicia, at the Mount Gaiás site in Santiago de Compostela and the extensive restoration of the famous opera house, the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Within the hotel industry, we’ve done the 5* Urban Luxury Hotel in Madrid and the 5* Martinhal Beach Resort & Spa in Sagres, Portugal.

3. How many people do you employ?

GRUPO SANJOSE uses a large number of subcontractors and other collaborators, on each project, in every country, at any given time – so it’s not an exact science. Taking this into account, the number of employees across management, engineering, finance, coordination of the works and other operations is approximately 2125.

4. Which is your favourite development by The Resort Group PLC?

Each one has is particular characteristics, but we would say MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa.

5. What difficulties do you face on Sal Island and how do you solve them?

Essentially, it comes down to the logistics. Almost everything has to be imported, shipped and passed through the customs process. This requires an important planning process for everything, which means thinking about many elements two or three months in advance.

6. How would you describe the current Resorts?

All three Resorts are of a very high quality. We work alongside The Resort Group PLC to ensure only the best materials and methods are used, it is a process that means we can be confident that the final product has a superior finish that will last for years to come.

7. How does building on Boa Vista differ from Sal Island?

It is more difficult to work in Boa Vista because it is not as developed as Sal in general. This means infrastructures, manpower, access to water and energy are still evolving. We have to be self-sufficient in a lot of things but the Island is changing all the time.

8. What is the most exciting part of White Sands to see come to life?

The architecture, as well as the amazing view and beach, of course. White Sands Hotel & Spa will be like an amphitheater looking out on to one of the best beaches in Cape Verde.

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