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Protecting our guests, our employees…and all our futures

When you’re as active as we are in such a beautiful part of the world as the Cape Verde Islands, you take your responsibilities for its people and places very seriously. The Resort Group PLC certainly does.

From Health and Hygiene to long term environmental sustainability programs, The Resort Group PLC is taking great measures to improve the welfare of the Islands, our employees and our guests in innovative and exciting ways.

Our Sustainability team launched a programme to recycle kitchen oils into candles

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Health and Hygiene

On the 16th March, certificates in Health and Hygiene were presented to the three MELIÃ hotels on the Island of Sal, demonstrating that they comply with health and hygiene standards and guaranteeing the well-being of both guests and employees.

Kais Mbarek, Director of both MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and Sol Dunas was a double recipient, while Esther Montoro, Director MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and Santiago Gonzalez, Director MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, each received Health and Hygiene certificates.


Our Health and Hygiene Award Winners

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Our Resort participants of World Water Day

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Earth Hour

With an eye on the planet, our hotels switched off the lights and organised activities in support of the Earth Hour movement on 30th March 8.30pm, Cape Verde time. Ivan Caballero, Director of Sustainability Cabo Verde at MELIÃ Hotels International, said: “Guests and staff celebrated the day with a beach cleaning and a communication and fundraising campaign for conservation programmes. Our sustainability policy commits our hotels to strive to reduce the impact of our activity and contribute to the preservation of biological diversity.”

World Water Day

Our hotels also joined the UN campaign for World Water Day 2018 on 22nd March. Ivan again takes up the story: “Access to water is a human right and educating those around us about its fragility is therefore vital. We have a responsibility in communicating water issues to our stakeholders, employees, the local community and guests. Our sustainability programme 2018 includes new actions and goals to reduce water consumption and reuse and recycle water.”

This project, funded by the TUI Care Foundation, aims to improve the management of water, energy and waste disposal by hotels, self-catering accommodation, bars and restaurants on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista.

The reason is simple. The dry, sunny climate that makes Cape Verde so popular with tourists also makes it particularly sensitive to the pressures of tourism. The Islands of Sal and Boa Vista have very little rainfall, a lack of recycling facilities and limited landfill capacity. As a result, we will be working with a range of stakeholders and local authorities to drive change at a national level and ensure a greater understanding of the importance of conserving natural resources within the tourism sector. The outcomes are clear:

  • Less waste going to landfill – 20% decrease in volume of solid waste going to land-fill in Sal and Boa Vista, leading to reduced negative impact on the environment
  • Reduced energy and water consumption – 10% reduction in water and energy consumption in Sal, leading to a reduced carbon footprint
  • Livelihood opportunities – improved livelihoods, through recycling opportunities

By taking responsibility in all the right places The Resort Group PLC and partners are taking active steps to improve the health, safety and future sustainability of the beautiful Islands of Cape Verde.


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