CEO Awarded ‘Tourism Merit Medal’
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The Resort Group CEO Awarded ‘Tourism Merit Medal’ in Cape Verde

Rob Jarrett recognised for contribution to tourist development

Derby, UK – 22nd September 2015 – Rob Jarrett, the founder and CEO of overseas property developer The Resort Group, has been awarded the Tourism Merit Medal by the Municipality of Sal in Cape Verde. The new honour officially and publicly recognises Rob’s positive contribution to tourist development on the island of Sal.

Mrs Dirce Évora, Chairperson of Sal City Council, presented the award at a ceremony, which took place at the City Hall in Sal, Cape Verde. Commenting on his award, Rob said: “I am incredibly proud to receive such a prestigious award, and be applauded for developing hotel resorts that capture the beauty of Cape Verde. It’s also a privilege to see the impact The Resort Group has made on tourism and therefore the country’s economy. We have had our fair share of challenges but I have an excellent support network of employees and partners who work tirelessly to make our resorts the best they can be. Meliá Hotels International, for example, is instrumental in ensuring the guest experience at each resort is first class and that the touristic flow continues in the country. And of course the Cape Verde government, which is always highly cooperative and complimentary.”

Rob established The Resort Group in 2007 to capitalise on Cape Verde’s natural beauty, sensational beaches and friendly people, and put the archipelago firmly on the tourist map. His vision became a reality when, in 2009, he secured a management agreement with Meliá Hotels International – the largest resort hotel group in the world – to operate the company’s (now completed) resorts on Sal, MELIÁ Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÁ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. As well as attracting holidaymakers from across Europe, both resorts quickly attracted hundreds of property investors looking for long-term investment opportunities.

Since the resorts have opened, The Resort Group has experienced phenomenal success. MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, which opened in May 2011 and has 372 properties, achieved occupancy levels of over 70% in its first year. It has also won a World Travel Award for four consecutive years. MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, which opened in November 2014 and has 1257 properties, is now the largest hotel resort on the African continent. And, just 11 months after completion, it has gained a reputation as a hot overseas property investment opportunity with the majority of its properties on the resort now sold out.

Cape Verdean Prime Minister, Jose Maria Neves, recently applauded Rob on this work in Cape Verde. At MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa’s launch event in October 2014, he said: “Allow me to congratulate The Resort Group for its performance in Cape Verde…above all, for its cooperation, attitude and approach, and for the permanent search for shared solutions so that we can continue to grow. Congratulations, Robert, and a very, very good job!”

Since Rob has invested in developing Cape Verde, tourism figures have risen significantly, and the company now represents 4% of the country’s GDP. Furthermore, Rob has created over 1,000 new employment opportunities for the local people and the figure will continue to rise as The Resort Group launches new property developments in Cape Verde. His third project, Llana Beach Hotel, which will have 601 properties, opens in 2016.

Rob is also involved in a number of charities and, in 2011, established The Cape Verde Foundation to support and fund new projects across the islands, with a focus to enhance the education and welfare of Cape Verde children. Some of the latest initiatives can be seen here.

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