Staff Spotlight: Jessica Love
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Staff Spotlight: Jessica Love

As Sales Support Director, Jessica Love works tirelessly to ensure that investment is easy and smooth, whether you’re a seasoned or first-time purchaser. We spoke to her about her time at The Resort Group and got her insight into the sales process.


How long have you worked for The Resort Group?

I have worked for The Resort Group since very early 2008, so it’s nearly ten years now.


What did you do before you worked with The Resort Group?

I worked within sales teams in the automotive industry for many years and briefly in the financial services industry before coming to The Resort Group.


How many times have you been to Cape Verde and what were your first thoughts?

I have been to Cape Verde a few times now, and it is somewhere you cannot help but fall in love with. I think my first thoughts were how beautiful the islands are, the obvious blue seas and sandy beaches, and the culture of the islands, which are very laid back “no stress”. The slow pace of life makes it extremely relaxing. On my first visit to Cape Verde, I remember seeing what huge potential the Islands had and feeling very excited about what The Resort Group could achieve there, and since then we have gone on to do so much more. 


What advice would you give to anyone looking to invest in overseas property?

I would advise to do plenty of research and look at the organisation behind the developments. Does the project have a positive long-term future and the developer have a track record? What are previous developments like and how successful have they been?

The Resort Group has all of these things in abundance and operates in a commercially intelligent way, which ensures the success of all projects. One example is the creation of many vertically integrated business that not only support the growth and long-term future of the Group but drive cost and operational efficiencies from a leisure and tourism perspective and therefore, in the long-term, support the growth of investor yields. 


What are the advantages of The Resort Group as an alternative investment?

The advantages are primarily the returns, there are very few investments that offer the extremely competitive and attractive returns that we do, whilst being able to give real investor confidence backed by the partnerships that we have with the biggest names in the industry, not to mention the commercial agreements with major tour operators that generate occupancy on the resorts.


How would you describe the sales process and how easy it is for investors?

A positive investor experience is the heart of everything we do at The Resort Group and something we are extremely committed to. We handhold our clients through the buying process every step of the way and work hard to ensure it is as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

The way the investment is structured now makes the proposition very simple. In comparison to owning a buy-to-let property in the UK, for example, and some of the headaches that can bring, with an investment with us, you literally just sit back and let The Resort Group and our commercial partners do the hard work.


Could you give any examples of good investor feedback? 

We have thousands of very happy clients, and I think that is proven by the number of clients who continue to reinvest with us time and time again. Also, a lot of our new investors are referred to us by our existing clients, so again, this speaks for itself.


What has changed since you joined the company?

Wow, so much has changed! Cape Verde was barely heard of when I started with the company. Now, most people you speak to have either been themselves or know someone that has been. Cape Verde is experiencing a huge rise in popularity and now is in the news and media everywhere you look.

In terms of the economy, our projects have brought considerable success to the country, we are the biggest employer in Cape Verde and that combined with much of the charity work we are involved in means we make a real positive contribution to the country, as well as delivering extremely successful Resorts for our investors. You have to remember The Resort Group achieved all of this throughout the world’s biggest financial crisis, and I believe we delivered Resorts that surpassed expectations of what could be achieved during those times.


What has been your proudest moment with the Group?

I have so many. I am extremely proud to be part of The Resort Group and to have been a part of the journey from the beginning, from looking at (what was back then) very basic 3D plans of what the Resorts may look like, and staring at blank pieces of land, to watching the resorts take shape and start taking in holidaymakers. Swimming in the pools, eating in the restaurants and staying in the hotel rooms you have spent many years selling are extremely proud moments.

Particular highlights have been the Resort openings, seeing them open is extremely exciting. I am so proud of the company and what we have achieved every day I come to work and I am sure I will be for many more years to come.


What is next for The Resort Group PLC?

What is next is to deliver White Sands Resort and Spa, and begin on the next projects on Boa Vista. The Resorts and Beach club on Sal look amazing so now we focus our efforts on selling and developing on Santa Monica Beach in Boa Vista, which is absolutely stunning!


We have some fantastic incentives for new investors so please contact me or a member of my team for details.

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