Staff Spotlight: José Luis Garcia Cuevas
Mr. Cuevas with award throphies

Staff Spotlight: José Luis Garcia Cuevas

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we have been speaking to members of the team, both here and in Cape Verde, to discover their perspective of the Islands where The Resort Group has made its home. This week, we turned to a senior and valued member of the MELIÃ management team to find out more about guest experience at the Resorts.


1.What is your name and job title?

My name is José Luis Garcia Cuevas and I am the Area Director for Cabo Verde for Meliá Hotels International.


2.Take us through an average day.

Each day, I ensure that all procedures are implemented properly. It is a very important part of running a Resort because it means that all of our guests’ needs are well cared for.  


3.How long have you worked at the Resort?

I have worked here for five years now – it has gone very quickly with all the exciting things that have happened since I started working here.


4.What did you do before you worked at the Resort?

I worked within the industry but not in Cape Verde. Just before I came here, I was a General Manager at other hotels in the Canaries.


5.What do you love most about your job?

It is a very fulfilling role as I get to see people happy with their experience. It is a great feeling to know that every day is filled with the possibility of being able to interact with our guests as they enjoy their holiday. Being able to achieve excellence in our service is also top of my list.


6.What has been your proudest moment so far?

There are many to choose from but having the MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde positioned on the 1st and 2nd place on TripAdvisor was a particularly great moment for everyone involved.


7.What kind of thing do customers ask you to help with?

I’m happy to say that they mainly request my assistance for their next stay. It makes us all feel like we have done a good job if they are so eager to return.


8.What is the one thing you think people should always bring to Cape Verde?

The expectation of total relaxation, we do everything to make sure your stay is stress-free. On a practical note, it is a hot country so we always tell people to pack plenty of sun cream and any medication they may need so they don’t have to worry about finding it here.


9.How has The Resort Group helped the Island? 

As one of the biggest investors in Cape Verde, The Resort Group PLC has been able to enrich Cape Verde socially and in terms of infrastructure.  It has been a great process to watch since I joined five years ago.


10.What would you like to say people who are thinking of coming to Cape Verde?

Treat yourself to getting away from it all – leave your watches, mobile phones, iPads and everything else at home so you can relax and enjoy your dream vacation.

For more information about the guest experience at our Resorts or our partnership with Meliá Hotels International, get in touch today via our contact page.

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