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The European Expansion

The Resort Group PLC is always looking for new opportunities so it’s no surprise that our successful business model has made its way to new areas of interest recently. Although based between headquarters in Gibraltar and an office in the UK, such was the interest in other parts of Europe, the Group are now established in the Czech Republic and have recently launched an operational centre in Portugal. This coincides with our timely launch of the Property Investment by The Resort Group website in four new languages – Portuguese, German, Spanish and French – to accommodate the added interest.

In fact, The Resort Group Central & Eastern Europe have just celebrated their one year anniversary – a measure of their success in the Eastern European market. An exclusive event, held on the 10th May, offered clients, business partners and agents a chance to raise a toast to the hard work of the Czech operation. After a quick round of pictures taken at The Resort Group PLC head office, a champagne reception welcomed guests to the Consulate Office of Cape Verde on Praha-1. The Camous House Band, played live Portuguese music throughout the evening and Michlousky, a leading Czech winery, provided a selection of red and white wines for tasting at the event.

The honorary consul of Cape Verde, Mr. Vladimir Trkal, opened the evening with a welcome speech, stating “the consulate is happy to have such a strong partner helping them to promote Cape Verde in the Czech Republic.” He also mentioned the familiar faces amongst the guests, many of which are now investors in the beautiful Cape Verde and our luxurious Resort properties.

Speaking of the continued growth in Cape Verde, with support from the Czech Republic, as well as general update on their highly successful year, the presentation from Pierre-Philippe Möller highlighted just how far the international office has come. In fact, the head of the office took the opportunity to announce two brand-new products, the golden visa program and the Partial Property Ownership were both well received by the crowd. Mr Möller spoke later of the “fantastic year we’ve had. With such incredible sales in the last 12 months, the team is very much looking to the new year and new opportunities”.

Afterwards, The Resort Group PLC International Sales Director, David Dumble, took to the stage to congratulate the team on a fantastic 12 months of trading, with new business and distribution growing rapidly in the area. “It’s a great success story for the Group and we are grateful for the pleasant and positive co-operation we’ve had. I have every confidence in the Czech Republic team given the tremendous progress we’ve seen.”

With the Czech office doing so well, it seemed a natural next step to look to new areas to discover a fresh audience of engaged investors – as such, the Group has now established an office in Portugal, alongside some of our successful investor partnerships.  As an extension of The Resort Group PLC, we are excited to welcome them into team, offering their clients our 5-star luxury overseas property investments.

As part of this, we arranged an inspection tour to the Island and attendee, Century 21 broker Daniel Gil, commented “Three full days of getting to know all the company has to offer cemented my assurance that this is a solid, practically risk-free investment.” It was quite the experience, although one all investors can take advantage of, as a team comprised of owners of agencies alongside consultants travelled to Boa Vista Island to visit White Sands Hotel & Spa.

Their response was unanimously positive, “Located on the beautiful beach of Santa Monica, just 20 minutes from the International Airport of Boa Vista, this Resort has a prime location. With a view over the entire length of the beach, you can see the 18 km of white sand and blue sea from all points of the Resort.”

For more information about our operations across Europe or the investment opportunities presented by The Resort Group PLC, please get in touch today via our contact form.

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