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Transforming Cape Verde – The Resort Group PLC

In The Press – The Resort Group PLC Transforming Cape Verde

Panorama – an independent publication distributed within The Times on Monday 5th November 2018, takes an in-depth look at Cape Verde and how The Resort Group PLC is transforming tourism within the ten-island archipelago.

The tropical archipelago increasingly attracts Foreign Direct Investment in all areas of the economy, but particularly infrastructure development, tourism, and maritime operations.

Increasing Tourism

Cape Verde has plenty to offer people of all ages and budgets, with foreign direct investment in the tourism industry growing rapidly.

Visitor numbers reached a record 716,000 in 2017, up 11.2% year-on-year, with tourists from the UK representing almost a quarter of all international arrivals to the stunning archipelago off Africa’s northwest coast.

Responsible for more than a quarter of GDP, tourism is a priority sector for the government as it looks to attract more of the industry’s big names to the country amid competition from other leading holiday destinations.

Major brands such as TUI, Sol and Melia have already established a significant presence through The Resort Group PLC completed developments but with tourism numbers expected to double during the next decade, there is plenty of room for additional brands to capitalise on a growing demand.

Moreover, according to national trade and investment agency CV TradeInvest, potential investors should focus on providing more tourist accommodation, particularly hotels and resorts that will appeal to families and younger travellers.


First-class Transport Hub

Cape Verde’s enviable strategic position at the crossroads between continents means the government is striving to maximize the aviation sector’s pivotal role.

Through the creation of a streamlined hub for international air travel, the industry will act as a catalyst for growth and development and ensure that Cape Verde is fully prepared to take advantage of the predicted jump in annual visitor numbers to more than one million by 2022.

With two category one certified airports — Sal and Praia — there are points of departure to the US, and additional international airports in São Vicente and Boa Vista, home to two of the fastest growing tourism markets in the country.


Boa Vista: The Next Holiday Hotspot

Renowned for its 55 kilometres of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and cultural blend of African and Portuguese influences, Boa Vista is one of the least-densely populated island in the Cape Verde archipelago.

Having long remained an undiscovered secret, and destination of choice for discerning and pioneering visitors, it is receiving an increasing number of direct flights from UK and European cities.

Focused on preserving the island’s unique and unexplored nature, The Resort Group PLC is in the process of transforming Santa Monica into an exclusive and unparalleled beach destination by creating six luxury resorts on a ten-mile stretch of its glorious pristine sands, as well as a dazzling new marina.

Catering for the growing demand for high-quality accommodation on Boa Vista, The Group’s stunning master plan has been fully endorsed by the Government of Cape Verde. The first resort to give Santa Monica the 5-star facilities it deserves will be The Resort Group’s White Sands Hotel and Spa, which will be fully managed by Meliã Hotels International, ensuring unrivalled service.


Creating Luxury Holidays in an Undiscovered Paradise

Central to the development of Cape Verde’s tourism and real estate sectors is The Resort Group PLC.

Talking to Panorama, Founder Rob Jarrett explains “Just a short direct flight from the UK, Cape Verde has the perfect holiday blend of sunshine, year-round temperatures of 25°C to 30°C, endless white beaches, beautiful scenery, exciting culture, a laid-back ambience and the famous Cape Verdean hospitality. It is also incredibly safe, politically stable and very democratic. Even though the islands are now receiving more visitors, they have managed to maintain their undiscovered feel and relaxing atmosphere.

Our 5-star resorts, run in partnership with world-leading operators such as TUI Travel, Meliã Hotels International, Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, are proving to be the ideal location for people to relax and enjoy Cape Verde’s no-stress lifestyle and we currently host 60% of the tourists coming here.

We have been so successful that we believe we will be contributing 20% of Cape Verde’s gross domestic product in the future, as we continue with our mission to be the leading leisure and hospitality company, and partner of choice for the world’s premier hotel and tourism groups.

On Boa Vista, our Resorts will cover 750,000 square metres and are pushing the boundaries of sustainability and building infrastructure within that development. For example, we are creating a new road network, extending the telecommunications infrastructure, constructing desalination plants, and we will manage the water and electricity supplies as well. This infrastructure is critical and we will be investing €20 million in it.”

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