White Sands Hotel Construction Update March
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White Sands Hotel & Spa | Construction Update March 2019 | The Resort Group PLC

White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction Update March

Blessed by vast stretches of untouched golden sand, surrounded by crystalline waters and boasting a relaxed and low-key atmosphere, it’s no wonder Boa Vista is rising in popularity amongst holidaymakers.

The perfect destination for those looking to escape the demands of daily life and enjoy a rejuvenating holiday, the island boasts some of the archipelago’s most beautiful and rewarding beaches, with the sands stretching for 55km.

Settled amongst those endless sands is The Resort Group PLC’s White Sands Hotel & Spa, a luxurious 5-star development that soaks up views of one of Trip Advisor’s Top 25 Beaches in the world, Santa Monica Beach.

Comprising of 835 properties including a range of hotels suites and villas, the 5-star development will be ready to support the expected tourism hike following the Governments introduction of new European Visa rules and meet the growing demand for the archipelago’s unique, year-round sunshine climate.

Moreover, with the Cape Verdean Government aiming to attract more than a million tourists a year by 2020, far more than the current hotel supply can cope with, the investor opportunities on the archipelago, strategically located in the Atlantic Ocean around an hour from Dakar and around four hours from Brazil and Lisbon, are promising.

Set to maximize on this exciting opportunity on the beach-paradise island, construction on our latest development continues to make good progress, with the spacious and high-end design taking shape amongst the beachfront landscape. Efforts now take a focus on the main hotel block, with structural work on the 5-star low rise development laying the foundations for what will be the main hub of the Resort activity.

Want to see the Island’s top beaches in action? Watch our latest fly-through and see why the Island promises the perfect holiday escapism for beach-lovers worldwide.


The United Nations World Tourism Organisation forecasts that the number of tourists visiting African countries will increase from 54 million in 2015 to 134 million by 2030, with much of the growth focused on rising interest in Cape Verde specifically.

Moreover, research by the Global Travel Search Index found that Cape Verde was the second most popular tourism destination search for Google users in 2017, behind Barcelona but ahead of Amsterdam showing great promise for the idyllic islands touristic future.

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