Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde
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The Cape Verde Foundation | Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

The Cape Verde Foundation: Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde

The Resort Group PLC has long recognised the importance of looking out for the wellbeing of all members of the community, which is why it set up The Cape Verde Foundation. The Foundation aims to continually improve the quality of life of the people living on the Islands, with a particular focus on healthcare and education.

One particular initiative that The Resort Group has been proud to support involves a current and ongoing drive to develop the country’s medical services both at the central hospital in Praia and across the Islands at regional hospitals and medical clinics. Through the hard work of Mandy Galley (a director at the Foundation), as well as the Jacob’s Well Appeal in Yorkshire (UK), the Foundation called on private and public healthcare providers to donate much-needed medical equipment – anything from large items such as X-ray machines and MRI scanners through to smaller items such as sharps bins, plastic gloves and medical scrubs.

The Resort Group was delighted to see this essential equipment arrive and distributed to the Island’s hospitals and medical centres. As Victor Fidalgo from The Cape Verde Foundation stated, The Resort Group wants to “participate in the development of Cape Verde […] this is the first in a series of initiatives that will support the health sector. We want to make a real contribution to improving the health of the population.


Developing healthcare through work experience placements in Cape Verde

While medical equipment is an essential need for hospitals and clinics across Cape Verde, the sharing of healthcare expertise also has the potential to enhance healthcare services across Cape Verde. The Resort Group PLC understands the value that work experience can bring to medical training, and it also appreciates the challenges that come with working in an unfamiliar environment – not to mention the immense opportunity for skill sharing and development.

In 2016, The Cape Verde Foundation welcomed six trainee nurses to Cape Verde from Nottingham (UK) for a work experience placement. Invited to stay at the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa during their placement, the nurses also had the opportunity to enjoy the Resort during their free time. (To find out more about their experience, click here and here.)The Cape Verde Foundation | Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

This summer, The Resort Group PLC has welcomed another trainee healthcare professional, Alexandra McLennaghan, to enjoy its hospitality while carrying out her medical elective in Cape Verde. Alexandra also stayed at the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa during her time on the Islands.

By supporting this overseas placement, The Resort Group hopes that Cape Verde’s medical staff will have the opportunity to learn from Alexandra’s experiences too. It also looks forward to understanding Alexandra’s perspective on her time on the Islands in comparison to hospitals and clinics in the UK. These insights may help the Foundation to further develop its approach to supporting Cape Verde’s medical services and infrastructure.


Settling in: Alexandra arrives in Cape Verde

Alexandra arrived in Cape Verde for her four-week placement on Saturday 8th June, which allowed her a little time to relax after the flight, settle into the Resort and enjoy the weekend before starting her placement. She was excited to discover that the African Beach Games were being held during her time on the Islands too. While she was first and foremost looking forward to starting her placement, she also had plans to complete a diving course during her stay, so she spent part of her first day organising this.

Taking some time out on Sunday to visit nearby Santa Maria, Alexandra found herself tempted to sign up to surfing lessons whilst also taking time to enjoy the relaxing beaches and meet some new people both in the town and at the Resort. After her fun-filled first day on Sal, it was time to prepare to join the medical clinic team on Monday.
The Cape Verde Foundation | Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

We will share more about Alexandra’s first impressions of the medical facilities on the Islands in a forthcoming article series. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about our award-winning Resorts and our work in the Cape Verde community, visit our contact page to connect with our expert team.


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