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Rob Jarrett Speech – Cape Verde Foundation Event

Boa Tarde, my name is Rob Jarrett and I am the Chairman of The Resort Group PLC who is responsible for building, so far, 5 Hotels in Cape Verde, amongst other companies that it owns. I have created a lot of job opportunities for the Cape Verdean community, so as an example, approximately 98% of people that I employ in Cape Verde are Cape Verdean. I am a businessman and entrepreneur but I am also a philanthropist and I am strong believer in helping those in need. That is the principle reason for The Resort Group establishing The Cape Verde Foundation.
Diary of a Medical Student in Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

The Diary of a Medical Student in Cape Verde: Part 1

The Resort Group PLC, working through The Cape Verde Foundation, is committed to developing and improving healthcare across the Islands. In addition to its donation drive for much-needed medical equipment for local hospitals and its own integrated Medical Services, The Resort Group has enjoyed welcoming trainee healthcare professionals to its Resorts – offering them a restful haven while they complete work experience placements at hospitals and clinics across the Islands. In June, Alexandra…
The Cape Verde Foundation | Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

The Cape Verde Foundation: Developing Healthcare Initiatives across Cape Verde

The Resort Group PLC has long recognised the importance of looking out for the wellbeing of all members of the community, which is why it set up The Cape Verde Foundation. The Foundation aims to continually improve the quality of life of the people living on the Islands, with a particular focus on healthcare and education. One particular initiative that The Resort Group has been proud to support involves a current and ongoing drive…
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All Inclusive Holidays on the rise1

All-inclusive Holidays on the Incline

In times when we are hearing of fewer people going on holiday, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA’s) Travel Trends Report 2019 found the exact opposite. In comparison to the last seven years, there has been an increase in the number of people holidaying over the last year, with 60% of travellers going abroad, which is on par with 2011. In addition, forward bookings are up by…
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Promoting Cape Verde To New Audiences

Promoting Cape Verde To New Audiences

The Resort Group PLC was created in 2007 because it believed in Cape Verde’s potential – Founder & CEO Rob Jarret knew it was a tourist destination that deserved to be on the map. Cape Verde has everything you could want from paradise: beautiful beaches, heavenly weather, views so gorgeous it’s difficult to remember they’re real. Now, thanks to The Resort Group PLC, it has all the facilities you could hope for from your perfect, luxurious holiday destination. And…
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The Resort Group PLC Sponsors Protocols Signed for the First African Beach Games

Sponsoring Cape Verde’s First African Beach Games

Excitement is building as Cape Verde prepares to host the very first African Beach Games from 14th to 23rd June. Taking place on the Island of Sal, the games will see more than 1,000 athletes from 54 African countries compete in 11 different events: athletics, 3×3 basketball, beach handball, beach soccer, beach tennis, beach volleyball, coastal rowing, freestyle football, karate kata, kitesurfing and open-water swimming. Considered the largest international sporting event ever held in the…
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A Proven Model For Overseas Property Investment

A Proven Model for Overseas Property Investment

When you think of Cape Verde tourism, you think of The Resort Group PLC. Founded in 2007 by Rob Jarrett, The Resort Group PLC has rapidly grown into one of the foremost luxury Resort and hospitality brands in Cape Verde, catering to nearly 60% of the country’s tourists. Our success has been the country’s success and is a great model for overseas property investment. Here is our story.   Growing from strength to strength With our nuanced…
How Airlift To Cape Verde Has Changed

Our Award Winning Legacy

When Rob Jarrett established The Resort Group PLC in 2007, he did so with the aim of making the most of Cape Verde’s natural beauty. He knew it was a tourist destination worth putting on the map. And, in 2009, he got the opportunity to do just that –The Resort Group PLC secured an agreement with MELIÃ Hotels International to manage their Resorts on Sal. It has been a decade since then and The Resort…
Boa Vista's Best Beaches | The Resort Group PLC

Boa Vista’s Best Beaches

At just 620km in size and home to over 55 km of white sandy beaches, it’s no surprise that Boa Vista has caught the attention of beach lovers worldwide. From the stunning Praia de Chaves and award-winning Santa Monica Beach to the smaller Praia de Sal Rei and the iconic Praia de Atalanta, many an hour can be spent relaxing on the endless sands and swimming in the turquoise waters. With an abundant choice of beach havens…
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Viveiro Gardens | Cape Verde Gardens & National Parks | The Resort Group PLC

Gardens and National Parks of Cape Verde

Cape Verde may be known for its beaches, deserts, and volcanic landscapes, but the archipelago is also home to flourishing, lush, and vibrantly-coloured vegetation. Here, we take a look at some of the places where you can immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the Islands.   Viveiro Botanical Garden & Zoo di Terra – Sal Chosen as one of TUI’s secret gardens around the world, Viveiro Garden and Zoo di Terra is a…
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Charles Darwin & The Cape Verde Islands | The Resort Group PLC

Charles Darwin and The Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde plays a defining role in Charles Darwin’s journey to becoming one of the world’s most note-worthy naturalists, biologists, and geologists — most well-known for his contribution to the science of evolution. During a 5-year voyage aboard the HMS Beagle under Captain Robert Fitzroy at the age of just 23, he was instructed to spend time exploring and investigating the land in order to make natural history collections.   An unplanned visit Cape Verde…
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Road Infrastructure | Boa Vista | Cape Verde

New Government Road Network Supports White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction

August see’s even more great news for our latest Resort, White Sands Hotel & Spa, as the Cape Verdean Government begins work on the local road networks, improving access not only for the Island’s population and visiting tourists but also for our hard-working construction teams. Owned by Cape Verde Republic and represented by SDTIBM and Road Institute, the new infrastructure will complete one of Boa Vista’s key road networks, connecting Boa Vista Airport to the already established…
Sal Rei | Cape Verde | The Resort Group PLC

Sal Rei – The Offerings of Boa Vista’s Capital

Lying on the northwest coast of Boa Vista, Sal Rei is home to over half of the Island’s 12,000 inhabitants. The fastest growing town in Cape Verde, it’s not the bustling capital city you might expect, with a relaxed and cosy atmosphere that is both appealing and addictive. Sal Rei is steeped in the history of Boa Vista, with its status of capital of the Island since the mid-1800s. Its name translates as ‘Salt King’…
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Global Kitesports Association Logo

The Global Kite-Sports Association World Tour 2018

The Resort Group PLC is sponsoring the Global Kite-Sports Association World Tour 2018, by providing accommodation to 30 athletes and riders at our 5-star Resorts. The tour attracts the world’s biggest kitesurfing talents so it’s an honour for it to be held on the archipelago for the first time. It takes place between 17th February and 25th February on Ponta Preta Beach and Kite Beach with many homegrown riders getting the chance to compete in known…
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Celebs Go Dating | Group Picture

Celebs Go Dating filming in Cape Verde

With its romantic sunsets and beautiful beach walks, Cape Verde is ideal for a loved-up vacation so it’s no surprise that we recently welcomed the hopefuls from Celebs Go Dating to the shores of Sal Island. Seven celebrities, including MIC’s Ollie Locke and Sam Thompson, Gemma Collins from The Only Way is Essex, ‘Muggy’ Mike Thalassitis, singer Tallia Storm, presenter and comedian London Hughes and Olympian Jade Jones, arrived…
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Carnival Queen | Events

Festivals in Cape Verde

It’s nearly time for the start of festival season in Cape Verde and a welcome array of bright colours, incredible talent and traditional music. It is an important part of Island life and culture and, as such, we wanted to take a look at some of the best events from across the archipelago. Sal Island The Fetsa Nossa Senhora De Piedade, which translates as the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, takes place on Sal…
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Bikini Beach Wedding Venue | The Resort Group

Weddings in Cape Verde

Getting married abroad is on the rise, with an estimated one in four British couples taking to the skies to celebrate their ceremony on foreign shores. Amongst their favourite destinations is the inimitable Cape Verde, a collection of ten unique Islands, just off the west coast of Africa and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does the archipelago offer a stress-free experience, as per their enviable way of life, we are able…
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Pura Vida Bar at Melia Llana

Nightlife on Sal Island

As more people than ever are flying to Cape Verde to take advantage of its famous Winter sun, we take a look at all the incredible things you can do once the sun sets on Sal Island. There is a variety of nightlife available to holidaymakers and Cape Verdeans are famous for their welcoming hospitality. Without further ado, we present our six favourite after-dark spots in and around our Resorts and the best nightlife on…
Bowl of Cachupa

Cabo Verde Cachupa

The Resort Group PLC is celebrating ten years of trading this year and we have had plenty to celebrate. As a nod to the country who has welcomed us and in honour of our ten-year tenure in Cape Verde, we present the delicious national dish. Cabo Verde Cachupa is a popular recipe that exists around the world in different guises, depending on where you visit, but it always tastes as good. Try making it yourself…
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Boats in Water

Ten of the top things to do in Cape Verde according to TripAdvisor

Cape Verde is more than just a tropical paradise in Africa, it is a tropical paradise full of beautiful beaches, unique nature, magnificent views and delicious cuisine. To celebrate 10 wonderful years on these stunning Islands, let us show you what we’re talking about – here are 10 of the top things to do in Cape Verde according to some of the best reviews from TripAdvisor.   Pedra Lume Salt Crater Inside the…
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Cape Verde The Island

How Cape Verde has changed over the last 10 years

The Resort Group PLC was founded in 2007 and although it would still be four years until Rob Jarrett’s dream of opening a Resort on the stunning Island of Sal would be realised, Cape Verde was already an exciting prospect. Having originally worked in the banking and financial sector, it wouldn’t be long until Rob Jarrett translated his success into the overseas property market. It was a tip from a colleague that led…
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The Cabo Verde Tourism Awards

The Cabo Verde Tourism Awards 2017

The Cabo Verde Tourism Awards 2017 took place on the 30th September, an event that honoured the best tourism achievements in the last year through a series of Excellence Awards. There was a variety of categories, designed to promote the achievements of the diverse tourism offering on the Island of Sal, and specifically in the Santa Maria area: Excellence: Hotel Excellence: Aparthotel Excellence: Resort Excellence: Rural Accommodation Excellence: Restoration Excellence: Travel Agencies Excellence: International Airlines…
Plane Landing

Why Cape Verde is the perfect Winter Sun destination

Are you waiting to book your winter sun break? Hesitate no longer – there’s a reason why Cape Verde tops the charts when it comes to escaping the cold. 1. Year-round sun Rarely descending below 24C, the Cape Verdean sun is a reliable entity when you’re deciding on your winter holiday. Often settling somewhere amongst 25C and 30C in the high-season months between September and January, it is truly a heat seekers…
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A man taking a photo

The history of tourism in Cape Verde

Tourism has played a huge part in the achievements of The Resort Group PLC in the ten years since it started operations on the Islands of Cape Verde. Every year, it seems the statistics have risen, with tourists paying more attention to the colourful and culture-rich archipelago off the west coast of Africa. It has been quite the story with tourism numbers increasing 115% since 2000, but popular though it is today, Cape Verde has…
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due diligence

New partnerships with Italian and Scandinavian sales agents

We, at The Resort Group PLC, believe in expanding our horizons, which has been proven with our growing network of agents across Europe. Our latest venture shows the true partnerships we have developed with the leading Real Estate agents in Italy and Scandinavia, amongst many other countries. Our most recent trip to Cape Verde welcomed Nuccia Barile and Vittorio Savoia from Remax, Fabrizio Bordunale from BF Servizi Immobiliari, and Winston Roberts and Esko Trofast from…
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upside down boat on a beach

10 facts about Cape Verde

Cape Verde was a little-known archipelago off the west coast of Africa just a few short years ago. But, as tourists came trickling in, it was noticed as the next emerging hotspot by industry experts, such as The Resort Group PLC, and it has thrived as an Island of economic stability based on this influx of tourism ever since. With the idyllic holiday destination ever more present on the world stage, it’s always good to…
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A children learning outside

The latest from The Cape Verde Foundation

It’s been a busy few months for the Cape Verde Foundation, with a variety of events taking place. First, long-term supporters of the Foundation Kevin Thornton, Chanelle Ruddock and Stuart Campbell came to Cape Verde in May to donate sports equipment to Espargos schools. The team collected the donations in the UK, with the kits made up of various shirts, shorts, clothing, training balls and gloves.
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A group of people exiting a building

Olympic Swimming Pool to open on Sal

Just under a year ago, The Resort Group PLC was proud to open the Acadêmico Football School at a ceremony that marked a new beginning for sport on the Island. The event, which took place on 15th July at the stadium itself, also included a tour and a musical performance by local artists. The synthetic grass field, large auditorium and multipurpose hall included in the Academy, alongside the Group’s sponsorship…
Cape Verde
Three people posing for a photo

The University of Cabo Verde Inauguration

Although the University of Cabo Verde Business and Governance School started opening its doors to students as soon as the building was ready, to maximise its potential for learning, Friday 26th May saw its official inauguration. The launch unveiled twelve classrooms, a new sports ground, laboratories, cafeteria, amphitheatre and a library in the new school.
Cape Verde
A Large Crowed of people sat watching a show

Sal Beach Soccer returns to Santa Maria

The beach was full of spectators as the teams took to the sands to commence this year’s Sal Beach Soccer. Held between the 19th and 21st May, the Island of Sal hosted the second edition of the sports event, which is promoted by the Chamber of Tourism, in partnership with Beach Soccer World Wide and FIFA. In 2016, the inaugural event involved 50 people, 63 athletes, 47 goals, 23 sponsors and 371 hotel nights. And…
Cape Verde
Four judges

Britain’s Next Top Model heads to the hotspots of Sal Island

The excitement ramped up another gear yesterday as the final four found themselves out in the Atlantic for one shoot followed by a taste of the real modelling world with a long day travelling around the Island.   After saying goodbye to Simone last week, the girls made the most of the Cape Verdean sunshine with a quick dip in the pool at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, then it was back…
Cape Verde
Britains Next Top Model

The Britain’s Next Top Model girls arrive in Cape Verde

It was an exciting episode on Britain’s Next Top Model last night as the five finalists touched down on Sal Island and headed for the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. Their welcome was incredible as Director of Animation, Nelson, and his amazing entertainment team took over the entrance to the Resort and made sure the girls were suitably impressed. From a fire show to contortionists and acrobats, as well as…
Cape Verde
Golden Shovels

Then and Now: The growth of the Cape Verdean economy

It was over ten years ago that Rob Jarrett, Founder and CEO of the The Resort Group PLC, imagined a business model that would bring luxurious Resorts to a small set of Islands, just off the West African coast. In that time, the Group has established itself in Cape Verde as a developer of luxury 5–star Resorts, with hospitality and high quality environments at its heart, but it has also had an impact on the archipelago’s…
Cape Verde
Two people posing for a photo

The Resort Group on the Radio

In a move that will see a Cape Verde community radio station continue transmitting, The Resort Group PLC have invested in local advertising. Community Radio Santa Maria, which talks about tourist activities on Sal Island concentrating especially on the city of Santa Maria, have struck up a partnership with The Resort Group PLC to allow the program to be sponsored by the Group. At the beginning and end of each program, listeners will now hear…
Cape Verde
Preforming on stage

Fantcha performs at Cabo Verde festival

  Raj’d artist Fantcha recently performed on the first day of the famous Baía das Gatas festival in São Vicente, Cabo Verde. The music festival has become a cultural institution for the Islands and traditionally takes place in August during the three days of a ‘full moon weekend’. Held since 1984, the event has expanded every year, with artists now flying in from around the world. This year’s festival opened with Vasco Martins, and also…
Boats in Cape Verde

Figures show promising future for Cape Verde tourism

Positive tourism statistics from the World Travel & Tourism Council predict a steady rise for both the investment in and the benefits of tourism to the country over the next few years. The World Travel & Tourism Council is an independent authority that investigates both the economic and social impact these factors have on countries. Specifically focused on promoting sustainable growth, the council engages with government and international organisations to increase employment, drive exports and…
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Logo X Jopgos Desportivos CPLP

The Sal Island CPLP Games

After an incredible opening ceremony, attended by The Resort Group PLC founder Rob Jarrett and other dignitaries, the CPLP Games were off to an impressive start. As gold sponsors, The Resort Group PLC were proud to offer rooms in MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort for both athletes and organisers. The Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) Games is a multinational under-16s sporting event that has been encouraging young athletes…
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Rob Jarrett and others

The Resort Group PLC supports sport in Cape Verde

The Official Opening Ceremony of the Acadêmico Football School The Resort Group PLC is a proud advocate of Cape Verde sport, constantly looking at ways we can help to further sporting activity in the country. With that in mind, Rob Jarrett recently visited the Acadêmico Football School for theunveiling of the plaque and the official opening ceremony. The football team that plays at the stadium, Acadêmico do Sal, also enjoys sponsorship from The…
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Cape Verde Foundation members

Our Work with The Cape Verde Foundation

It was his relationship with the Island and connections with the local Government and community that made Rob Jarrett, CEO and Founder of The Resort Group, want to help. So began The Cape Verde Foundation – a charity organisation that seeks to enrich the lives of children as well as assist with fundamental issues such as education, healthcare and the long-term development of the Islands. In the years since it…
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Prime Minister Meeting Praia Jan

Cape Verde Prime Minister meets with the Board

In a move that sees even greater collaboration between The Resort Group and the Cape Verdean government, our board of directors recently met with Prime Minister José Maria Neves in the capital city, Praia on the island of Santiago. As we forge forward with more developments across Cape Verde, it’s essential that we do so in a way that benefits both the community on the islands and the people who govern it.
Cape Verde