Celebrating Cape Verde’s Literary Culture
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Celebrating Cape Verde’s Literary Culture

As well as being world-renowned for its beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine, Cape Verde is also proving to be a cultural hotbed – particularly when it comes to the written word.

Following the success of the first-ever literary festival to be held on Cape Verde in 2017, The Resort Group PLC sponsored the second World Literature Festival Sal in 2018. Held across Sal Island from 21st-24th June, the prestigious four-day literary festival hosted 40 writers from different countries around the world and paid tribute to the local Cape Verdean Writer Mário Fonseca and the Argentinean author Jorge Luiz Borges.

As well as sponsoring the festival, The Resort Group PLC provided accommodation for guests and writers throughout the duration of the festival, which not only aims to make Sal a literary centre of Cape Verde, but to also establish the Islands’ literary reputation on a world stage.

The festival was officially opened by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca, organised and promoted by the City Hall of Sal, and jointly curated by the Portuguese writer José Luis Peixoto and the Publishing House Rosa Porcelana.

During the World Literature Festival Sal, the Municipality of Sal paid particular tribute to the writers Arménio Vieira (Journalist and Writer) and Germano Almeida, who were each awarded the Camões Prize, respectively in 2009 and 2018. Established by the governments of Brazil and Portugal in 1988, The Camões Prize is awarded annually in celebration of authors who have contributed to the enrichment of the literary and cultural heritage of the Portuguese language.

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