Global Kite-Sports World Tour 2018
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The Global Kite-Sports Association World Tour 2018

The Resort Group PLC is sponsoring the Global Kite-Sports Association World Tour 2018, by providing accommodation to 30 athletes and riders at our 5-star Resorts. The tour attracts the world’s biggest kitesurfing talents so it’s an honour for it to be held on the archipelago for the first time. It takes place between 17th February and 25th February on Ponta Preta Beach and Kite Beach with many homegrown riders getting the chance to compete in known territory.

Cape Verde’s famous waves are perfect for kite-surfing and the Islands have, in general, seen a growth in the popularity of nautical sports, including surfing and windsurfing. It is, in fact, the area of sports in which the country has received the largest amount of world titles. Previous champions Matchu Lopes and Airton Cozzolino grew up kiting on Ponta Preta so they know and love the waves there. The same applies to local hero Mitu Monteiro, one of the true icons of kite-surfing who launched his career on the Islands. It is sure to be an incredible show and one well worth catching if you’re on Sal.

The event will increase global visibility of Sal and Cape Verde as a centre for water sports, as well as ensuring they will continue to host annual competitions. It also hoped that it will increase the annual arrival of tourists, bring about socioeconomic benefits for Cape Verdeans, stimulate the local and national economy, and encourage water sports within the community, with a view to producing more professional athletes.

Sal Island is the first stop on the 2018 tour, with the incredible riders back in action in April when the tour moves to Dakhla then Viana do Costello in Portugal for the third event. The tour will then move onto Spain and Mauritius, completing a truly global tour of the world’s best waves.

For more information about The Resort Group and the Resorts in which the athletes are staying on Sal Island, get in touch with the team today via our contact page.

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