All-inclusive Holidays on the Incline
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All Inclusive Holidays on the rise1

All-inclusive Holidays on the Incline

In times when we are hearing of fewer people going on holiday, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA’s) Travel Trends Report 2019 found the exact opposite. In comparison to the last seven years, there has been an increase in the number of people holidaying over the last year, with 60% of travellers going abroad, which is on par with 2011. In addition, forward bookings are up by 12% on this time last year.

With the rise in popularity of online companies like Airbnb and Uber spreading across the globe, you would think that people would be more motivated to build their own holidays. Yet, the tourism industry is seeing a definite incline in the numbers of all-inclusive package holidays. Even amongst the different package holidays, it seems that all-inclusive is coming out on top. Indeed, according to TravelSupermarket, 31% of price searches on their website are for all-inclusive holidays, which is double the amount for half board, self-catering and room-only, and strides ahead of B&B, which stands at 19%. Full board is almost non-existent at 4%.

All Inclusive Holiday on the incline


The main reason for the rise in all-inclusive holidays

The benefits of all-inclusive holidays are clear – everything is taken care of from airport transfers to accommodation to food and drinks. They are also a more secure option. If an airline or travel company collapses, ATOL protection is in place.

However, the main reason for the latest increase in all-inclusive holidays is the volatility of the pound. Brexit has caused a dip in the value of the pound, which has instilled uncertainty in people’s budgets. All-inclusive provides a way around this. Paying for a holiday in its entirety in advance gives the reassurance of being able to manage a budget, even if the sterling value changes. The alternative is setting aside an amount for spending money, only to find two weeks before you are due to leave that exchange rates have changed and you now have less than planned.

ABTA’s Travel Trends Report 2019 also confirmed that “value for money increased as a priority when choosing a package holiday (up to 60%)”. The all-inclusive option provides a solution for this as costs are predictable and lower than sourcing food and drink in local restaurants.


How all-inclusive holidays fit other travel trends

Budgets and value for money are not the only reason that all-inclusive holidays are proving popular. They fit other current travel trends in a variety of ways:

Experience over material assets – as people realise that experiences provide longer-term happiness than material assets, more money is being invested into holidays. All-inclusive not only provides luxury experiences with ultimate relaxation, but also offers a range of on- and off-site activities so that travellers can experience local culture, food and surroundings.

Personalisation and wellbeing – all-inclusive holidays have changed massively over the past couple of decades and they’re no longer about everyone doing the same thing. They are now open to a great deal of personalisation, with resorts aimed at families, adult-only resorts, and a wealth of activities from low-key to high-adrenaline extreme sports. Wellbeing is also taken care of with luxury on-site spas and yoga sessions. Healthy food and a variety of restaurants to choose from is also now the norm.  

Sustainable tourism – this is something on everyone’s mind as the world becomes more conscious of the environment and social responsibility. The Brundtland Report states that “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” All-inclusive resorts provide a source of employment for local residents, boosting the economy of the country overall. Waste management is also approached more effectively with correct disposal processes.  

Location – ABTA has found that 44% of the trips people are planning to take are by the beach. All-inclusive lends itself incredibly well to this, as resorts are often positioned directly on the coast and provide private beach access.

All Inclusive Holiday on the incline


Why Cape Verde?

Cape Verde has emerged as a sought-after tourist location over the past decade, largely since The Resort Group started developing luxury 5-star Resorts on the Islands.

The National Institute of Statistics reported that more than 716,000 tourists visited the Islands in 2017, which equates to over 4.5 million hotel nights and respective growths of 11.2% and 12.3% compared to the previous year. Almost a quarter of these visitors were from the UK.

Resorts located on white sand beaches under the blue skies of this blissful archipelago are the perfect place to sit back and relax, knowing that everything is taken care of. The Islands also provide a plethora of activities, many of which meet the current demand for aquatic experiences. TrekkSoft’s article, 65 Travel Statistics To Know In 2018-2019, found that aquatic activities dominated the top ten activities that travellers are booking with sunset cruises, snorkelling, kayaking and canoeing experiences, sailing trips and catamaran trips being popular options. For those after the wellbeing aspect, many of the Resorts boast fully-equipped gyms and YHI Spas®.

In terms of sustainability, The Resort Group takes great pride in looking after the Islands and contributing to the local economy. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) 2018 report on the economic impact of travel and tourism on Cape Verde, 37,500 jobs were directly supported by the travel and tourism industry in 2017, which accounted for 15.8% of total employment. The Resort Group PLC also founded The Cape Verde Foundation – a charity that works with local communities, with a special focus on providing the children of the Islands better educational options to increase their future opportunities.

All in all, Cape Verde and the all-inclusive options our developments provide are a great combination to meet the current travel and tourism trends.

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