The Resort Group supports sport in Cape Verde
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The Resort Group PLC supports sport in Cape Verde

The Official Opening Ceremony of the Acadêmico Football School

The Resort Group PLC is a proud advocate of Cape Verde sport, constantly looking at ways we can help to further sporting activity in the country. With that in mind, Rob Jarrett recently visited the Acadêmico Football School for theunveiling of the plaque and the official opening ceremony. The football team that plays at the stadium, Acadêmico do Sal, also enjoys sponsorship from The Resort Group PLC so this ceremony marked an important milestone in this continued support. The event, which took place on 15th July at the stadium itself, also included a tour and a musical performance by local artists.

Watch local news coverage of the opening here:

The Official Opening Ceremony of the 10th CPLP Games in Cape Verde

More recently, Monday 18th July was the official opening ceremony of the 10th CPLP Games, which is taking place on Sal Island between 18th and 24th July. Everything has been meticulously prepared over the past few weeks to receive what is being described as the greatest and biggest sporting event ever carried out in the country, according to guarantor and chairman of the organising committee of the Games, Director-General of Sports, Gerson Melo.

The Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) Games is a multinational under-16s sporting event that encompasses many different sports. The timing couldn’t be better with summer bathing the Island of Sal in sunshine and tourists arriving to enjoy the weather. Santa Maria beach, for example – voted one of the best beaches in the world – will host the beach volleyball and swimming tournaments.

Approximately 1000 people are involved in the Games – over 500 of which are athletes while the rest are heads of the delegations, medical staff, volunteers, technical support and organisers of the Games. The Resort Group PLC is proud to be a supporter of the Games as a gold sponsor – offering accommodation in our Resorts to many of the athletes and organisers. They will be housed in MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, both owned by The Resort Group and kept to a five-star standard by Meliá Hotels International.

Safety in the Resorts will be guaranteed by the security staff alongside the Department of Safety for the 10th CPLP games, which will count on the national police and military volunteers to ensure safety in the various enclosures and locations of Games. There has also been no effort spared to ensure everyone has access to medical care on Resort during the games, with The Resort Group employing three medical teams – each including one Doctor, a physical therapist/nurse and a corpsman – plus three ambulances, sourced from the capital and Sal Island itself. The Resort Group has also guaranteed transport of the delegations and organisers as additional support during this busy time.

Watch the online local news report:

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