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The Resort Group on the Radio

In a move that will see a Cape Verde community radio station continue transmitting, The Resort Group PLC have invested in local advertising.

Community Radio Santa Maria, which talks about tourist activities on Sal Island concentrating especially on the city of Santa Maria, have struck up a partnership with The Resort Group PLC to allow the program to be sponsored by the Group. At the beginning and end of each program, listeners will now hear an advert about our work on the Island. The Group has also negotiated daily advertising space, which may be periodically adjusted creatively or otherwise as the partnership develops.

The agreement was signed on Wednesday 19th October in Santa Maria by Victor Fidalgo, representative of The Resort Group PLC and Susana Rendall Rock from Community Radio Santa Maria. It ensures that every month the station will receive money to continue working, bringing financial security after troubling times for this important community asset. Susana Rendall Rock commented “We are a non-profit radio. We launched six months ago, but we were in danger of closing for lack of funds to keep the radio on the air. The Resort Group stood up for this cause and we will be able to continue to deliver our programs.”

The radio station, which is also known as AKAAMAM, has six original programs, including one that is dedicated solely to Tourism and Events Catering. The show is focused particularly on the locals of Santa Maria, as the island of Sal is known as the largest tourist gateway in the country.

As such an important part of the growing tourism trade in Cape Verde, it was essential that the work continue. Victor Fidalgo explained, “The Resort Group has been supporting various social causes, institutions and organizations that work with tourism, as part of its social responsibility program. We’re also proud to support this civil society movement, a radio station that is also a link between the business world of the tourism sector and the local community.”

Image Credit: A Nacao

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