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Supporting Sport in Cape Verde | GKA Kitsurfing Competition 2019 | The Resort Group PLC

Supporting Sport in Cape Verde: GKA Competition

The Global Kite-Sports Association (GKA) advocates that kiting as a sport can be done in all countries in harmony with nature. Although not founded as an organisation to run competitive world tours, GKA is an alliance of key kite-sport brands – so has naturally progressed to promote a range of competitive tours which ensure a healthy, ambitious and aspirational, professional competitive environment amongst its members.

Returning to Cape Verde for a second year running due to the archipelago’s perfect kite-surfing conditions, The Resort Group PLC were keen to continue to support the event which brings with it some of the world’s biggest kite-surfing talents. Capturing the attention of thrill seekers and water sports enthusiasts worldwide, the event gains huge exposure across the GKA social network and continues to place the Islands on the water sports map.

Supporting Sport in Cape Verde | GKA Kitsurfing Competition 2019 | The Resort Group PLC

The first stage of the World Kite-surfing Circuit runs from February 25 to March 3 at Praia de Ponta Preta in Santa Maria, on the Island of Sal. Attended by 48 male and 17 female athletes representing 5 continents, Cabo Verde is represented by 10 athletes in total.

The Ponta Preta Circuit is being played by the best Kite-surfers in the World representing Cabo Verde, Germany, Australia, Brazil, United States of America, France, Italy, Dominican Republic, among other countries.

Ponta Preta 2019 gives the ‘starting shot’ to the 13 editions that make up the ‘2019 GKA Kite World Tour Events’ world event, to which the beaches of Leucate (France), Dakhla (Morocco), Sylt (Germany), (Spain), Gran Canaria (Spain), Sotavento (Spain), Malmo (Sweden), Mauritius Islands, Cumbuco (Brazil), Prea (Brazil), Maui (Hawaii) and Torquay (Australia) all feature.

Speaking to Inforpress, Djô Silva, of the organization as head of Nautic Sports, a partner company of the ‘GKA Kite World Tour Events’, Silva explained that Cape Verde is meeting expectations and has been working hard to get the best advantage of the house factor. “The national team has bet on a strong group, a mix of experienced and younger athletes so the country can be better represented,” he added.

Supporting Sport in Cape Verde | GKA Kitsurfing Competition 2019 | The Resort Group PLC

The overwhelming majority of Cape Verdean surfers who took the test in this first leg of the World Kite-surfing Circuit on Ponta Preta beach, Sal Island have reached the second round. Made up of several renowned athletes, the native competitors include amongst them Airton Cazzolino (champion in title), Mitú Monteiro (former World Champion), Titik Lopes (national champion) and Djô Silva, who reached the second stage of the race without difficulty.

Young artists such as Bernardo Silva, Yuri, Jordin, Eltn John (who eliminated a well-known Spanish musician) Ricardo Bettencotrt, Kleiton and Zidane also showed their performances by “drawing applause” from spectators, including a large tourist crowd whom had invaded the beach to witness the ‘spectacle of the waves’.

A great event for Cape Verde and the Kite-Surfing world, we are proud to be able to sponsor such a key experience in the Cape Verdean sporting calendar and assisting in raising the Islands profile on the world stage. To catch the action as it unfolds, visit the GKA Facebook page for live streams and event photography.

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