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Ten of the top things to do in Cape Verde according to TripAdvisor

Cape Verde is more than just a tropical paradise in Africa, it is a tropical paradise full of beautiful beaches, unique nature, magnificent views and delicious cuisine. To celebrate 10 wonderful years on these stunning Islands, let us show you what we’re talking about – here are 10 of the top things to do in Cape Verde according to some of the best reviews from TripAdvisor.


Pedra Lume Salt Crater

Inside the Pedra de Lume’s 900m radius crater, you’ll find salt evaporation ponds built over a natural Salt Lake. Lay back in the water, and float as long as you want, like you’re in the Dead Sea.


Viveiro Botanic Garden & Zoo di Terra

An oasis in the midst of Sal’s sandy, desert landscape, the Viveiro Garden and Zoo di Terra is a lush oasis of more than 100 species of plants. Enjoy the eco-friendly haven, and visit a range of rescued animals at the nearby zoo.


Santa Monica Beach

Visit the breathtaking, idyllic Santa Monica State Beach. More than 3.5 miles of soft, white sand, framed by the ever-expansive Atlantic Ocean. The beach is a perfect hotspot for a variety of activities and attractions including surfing, paddle boarding and great food.


Turtle Walk from Santa Maria

Cape Verde is the third biggest nesting point for the Caretta Caretta or loggerhead turtles. Enjoy the natural beauty of Santa Maria and get a close look at nature with this eco tour.


Mystical mirage at Terra Boa

Go and see Terra Boa’s mystical mirage, just next to Lajedo dos Espargos. One of the world’s natural wonders!


Shark spotting at Baia da Parda

Enjoy a true experience of Cape Verde’s sea life, getting up close to the lemon sharks of Baia da Parda as they swim through your feet.



Visit and marvel at the Buracona “Blue Eye” lagoon. When the light hits this natural pool from the right angle, the colours turns into a magnificent turquoise blue.


Catamaran Tour from Santa Maria

Enjoy a great relaxing tour of the surrounding sea, visiting Murdeira Bay while enjoying free snacks and drinks and the possibility of snorkelling.


Funana Casa da Cultura

Enjoy dinner and a dance at the liveliest and most typical restaurant in Santa Maria, the town is a riot of colour and music, rich in Cape Verdean culture and history.


Electric Beach Bike All Terrain Guided Tour

This unique outdoor excursion takes you to hidden salt mines, dramatic white-sand beaches with turquoise sea and vibrant Santa Maria neighbourhoods full of colour and originality. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery of Sal Island with this guided tour.


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