The University of Cabo Verde Inauguration
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The University of Cabo Verde Inauguration

Although the University of Cabo Verde Business and Governance School started opening its doors to students as soon as the building was ready, to maximise its potential for learning, Friday 26th May saw its official inauguration. The launch unveiled twelve classrooms, a new sports ground, laboratories, cafeteria, amphitheatre and a library in the new school.

Appearing together for the special event at the School of Business and Governance at the Palmarejo Campus, was Cape Verdean Prime Minister Dr. Ulisses Correia e Silva and CEO of The Resort Group PLC, Rob Jarrett. The Minister of Education, Dr. Maritza Rosabal, the University of Cabo Verde Dean, Professor Judite Medina do Nascimento, members of the pastoral team, staff, teachers, students, former students and representatives of various institutions also attended the inauguration.

The day began with an official ceremony, at which the Prime Minister and Mr Jarrett revealed a new plaque for the school, representing their partnership with The Resort Group PLC, to enthusiastic applause. This was followed by a tour of the new, modernised space, including a trip through the classrooms with their updated equipment and a visit to the training room for executives on the first floor – designed to help managers and business students prepare for their contribution to the growth and development of the country.

Moving to the auditorium of the new Business and Governance School, the attendees began with the signing of the co-operation protocol between the University of Cabo Verde and The Resort Group PLC, a formality completed by the University of Cabo Verde’s Rector and Rob Jarrett. The agreement sets in place a solid partnership, ensuring improved living conditions for the academic community, including creating a canteen service, short and medium-term training courses aimed at retaining staff for the Resorts, joint research, provision of expert advice, document sharing, and the hosting of curricular interns in the Group’s Resorts. Although conditions are still in negotiation, The Resort Group PLC is also expected to provide 20 scholarships a year for the next five years, to help young adults in the local community further their education. Rob Jarrett commented on the Group’s “participation in the development process of the country”, adding “we are very proud to be involved in the opening and to be able to announce these grants for students.”

One such undergraduate was there to represent the new Business and Governance students and Eliandra Varela started the speeches with some appreciative words about the new building, explaining that it “will undoubtedly bring better conditions for us.” Afterwards, The President of the Business and Governance School, Dr. Jorge Dias, thanked The Resort Group PLC for what he called “a comfortable and dignified installation” and took advantage of the moment to present other successful partnerships with the government.

“We have here an example of a true partner in Cape Verde,” explained the Dean of the University, noting that the partnership had almost doubled the campus, with capacity going from 700 to 1,500 students thanks to a “joint effort between the previous government of Cape Verde and the present one, The Resort Group PLC and its president” – who the Dean called “more than an investor”. The Prime Minister went on to say that the Group had a “vision” beyond investing in the Resorts, going the extra mile to align interests with the Government to further the country’s progress. He explained that the “school is developing courses in areas that we consider to be core to development,” bringing attention to the management and governance disciplines already being taught.

The ceremony came to a close with a cocktail celebration, cementing the relationship between The Resort Group PLC, the Cape Verdean government and the academic community. For more information about how the Group actively helps to further education and infrastructure on the Islands, get in touch today via our contact page.

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