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Our Work with The Cape Verde Foundation

It was his relationship with the Island and connections with the local Government and community that made Rob Jarrett, CEO and Founder of The Resort Group, want to help. So began The Cape Verde Foundation – a charity organisation that seeks to enrich the lives of children as well as assist with fundamental issues such as education, healthcare and the long-term development of the Islands.

In the years since it launched, the Foundation has helped countless children and young adults reach their potential through a range of initiatives. At grassroots levels, kind holidaymakers generously donate items they’ve brought with them or leave with us after a visit.

2016 has been another fantastic year as patrons are going above and beyond to contribute the Foundation’s hard work in Cape Verde. In the last few months alone, we have seen a long-term supporter jump out of a plane, a huge children’s football shirt collection and a group of nurses experience healthcare in Cape Verde.

The Skydive

Nicola Andrews has been a firm friend to the Foundation for many years now and so it was heartening to hear she was planning to raise money by doing a daring skydive. Her fear of heights and flying couldn’t even hold her back, and in April 2016, she took to the skies in the name of the Foundation. This incredibly brave act raised £1,389.50, but it didn’t end there as Rob Jarrett agreed to match the donations pound for pound – doubling the total to £2779.

Football Shirt Donation Drive

Our most recent donation comes from two regular visitors to the Resorts – Kevin Thornton and Stuart Campbell. With contributions from friends and supporters, the two of them have collected a fantastic array of children’s football shirts in varying sizes and from many different teams. Football is an incredibly popular sport there but resources can be low so it’s an act that will bring great happiness to the children of Cape Verde.

UK Nurses Come to Cape Verde

In partnership with the University of Nottingham and the SA Medical Services on Resort, five UK nurses came to Cape Verde in April for a six-week work placement. Staying at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and travelling to a nearby hospital in Espargos, all five of the nurses expressed their love of working and staying there in a three-part interview. Although this was the first example of this kind of work placement on the Islands, it something the Foundation hopes will continue to thrive as Cape Verde develops.

Find out more about The Cape Verde Foundation and how you can help here.

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