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Red Cross distributes donations and promotes volunteering on Sal Island

In partnership with the hotel group The Resort Group (TRG), the Red Cross promoted a volunteering initiative on Monday, March 18, an activity organized by the Red Cross on Sal Island, focusing on distributing donations to the needy through a partnership with the TRG hotel group. Laura Souza, a local representative of the Red Cross Youth, highlights the involvement of young volunteers in delivering essential items to the underprivileged. The donations include clothing, toys, and food items, transformed into basic baskets, school materials, and various utensils. The initiative aims to encourage young people to engage in charity and become more involved in their community's social issues. Efforts are made to involve youth in volunteering by providing information about the Red Cross in schools and involving them in charitable actions. The overarching goal is to inspire young people on the island to do good and take an active role in their community's social matters.